My name is Dan Isbell, and I am a language tester, applied linguist, and teacher. I am currently studying for my PhD in Second Language Studies at Michigan State University.  Outside of my studies and work, I enjoy spending time with my wife, ambulating outdoors, or diving into a good book/movie/series.  I also try to devote some time to (ever so slowly) improving my Korean.

Before beginning my PhD studies, I earned my Master's in TESL from Northern Arizona University and taught English as a second or foreign language for about 5 years.  In my teaching experience, I've taught learners between the age of 4 and 40-something from at least 10 different L1 backgrounds.  Teaching English is an incredibly rewarding experience that has motivated my academic interests.  I have also had the opportunity to do work in language testing, including essay rating,  coordinating a testing program at an intensive English program, lead development on a test of English for a specialized occupational purpose, and interning at an international English testing organization.

My primary research interest is language assessment, where I've done work on test equating, specific purposes language testing, and vocabulary in context. Drawing on my language teaching and learning background, I am also interested in instructed second language acquisition. In particular, I have been exploring how L2 pronunciation is learned in instructed settings.

One of the best things about working in language teaching, assessment, and research is the community of passionate, hard-working, and caring individuals.  I am a big proponent of collaboration and sharing of information, and to that end please feel free to contact me (isbell.daniel@gmail.com) if you are interested in any of my work, or think that I might be interested in yours.  I have also made many of my papers and presentations available on this site.


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