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Invited Talks

Bettina Berendt - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Title: "Learning for a Social Web of Semantics"

It is often expected of The Semantic Web and Linked Data that the more data one combines, the closer one comes to "the truth". However, more often than not, there are "different truths", and acknowledging and dealing with them is a core challenge for interoperability. This diversity becomes highly visible in the Social Web. However, there are no generally accepted ways of representing and processing it in Linked Data or other Semantic Web forms. A second challenge is how to use (semi-)automatic means to identify and characterize diversity, rather than relying on the hope for omniscient and/or impartial humans pointing it out. In this talk, I will describe several approaches to representing diversity of semantics, with a focus on our work on learning, displaying and uses of diversity. Last but not least, I look forward to discussing the - technical and user-related - pros and cons of a more diversity-aware Social Semantic Web with you.