The evolution of mucosal immune systems in vertebrates


I am an Evolutionary  Immunologist at the Biology Department, University of New Mexico. I love the complexity of immune systems, from bacteria to humans. My research focuses on mucosal immunity and its evolution in vertebrates. Mucosal surfaces are at the interface between hosts and the environment and therefore integrate the external and internal signals.

My laboratory has very diverse research interests and we currently have active projects in trout, zebrafish, lungfish, mice and humans. These projects reflect the diversity and breath of the research that takes place at the UNM Biology Department.

In the recent years, we have specialized in the understanding of nasal immunity and the neuroimmune interactions that occur in the olfactory-central nervous system axis in response to microorganisms.

All images by Irene Salinas. Please contact me if you would like to use any of them.

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