Film Packages

Film Analysis Goalkeeping, unlike any other position, provides a sincerely limited amount of time on the ball in matches, and sometimes even in team training sessions. It can be difficult to accurately pinpoint areas where the goalkeeper was successful and where they made errors in both matches and training as things happen at a quick pace. Being able to accurately review technical performance as well as decision making situations after the situations have occurred provides a valuable opportunity in player development. Film evaluation packages are available in a variety of opportunities and include: 

  • A written evaluation highlighting the strengths and weaknesses during the filming
  • Consolidated clips, using quick, normal, and slow speeds shared either through email, google drive, or a USB drive
  • Extra attention to weak areas (as identified during the filming) will be targeted in the following training session
Match Film Analysis is priced at $50 for half a match, or $100 for the full match. 

Film analysis in training, in addition to the cost of the training session, is as follows: 
  • During a team training session: $40
  • During an individual session: $30
  • During a joint or group training session: $20

Recruiting films can be used to get the attention of various college coaches across the country. Players generally have different preferences in their schools and where they want to go when their youth career comes to a close. Creating a recruiting highlight video, with clips from individual training, team training, and match play, can be very useful to get on a coach or schools radar and sparking their interest if they cannot observe a player regularly. Recruiting films can include a variety of observations from individual training sessions, team training sessions, and matches to include:
  • Handling 
  • Footwork
  • Shot stopping
  • Collecting crosses or set pieces 
  • Breakaways and through balls
  • Distribution. 

Basic packages, which include footage from TWO training sessions and TWO matches, with a USB drive of the condensed clips, start at $300. A sample video is available upon request.