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John Lewis Car Insurance
John Lewis Home Insurance, UK

Just about everyone living in the UK will be quite familiar with the John Lewis Department Stores, with stores throughout the UK, but John Lewis (via John Lewis Finance) also offers a wide range of insurance products too. In fact John Lewis even offers John Lewis Broadband for Internet access as well. So, if you're looking for home insurance, car insurance, pet insurance, wedding insurance, or travel insurance, then there's a very good chance that John Lewis Insurance will have an insurance plan that's right for you.

John Lewis Motor Insurance

With Car Insurance from John Lewis Finance you can take to the highways and byways with confidence. John Lewis Car Insurance will be there for you with the quality insurance coverage and high level of service you always expect from John Lewis.

John Lewis Motor Insurance
John Lewis Car Insurance, UK

Here are just some of the benefits you can enjoy when you have John Lewis Car Insurance, besides being more affordable and the good service:
  • Up to 75% No Claims Discount
    If you're a safe driver, your discount is safe with John Lewis Car Insurance because in most instances you can choose to protect it. (terms and conditions apply)
  • Free Replacement Car
    No need to be late for work! John Lewis will help to keep life ticking along as normal with a free replacement car as standard. (terms and conditions apply)
  • Emergency Journey Cover
    In the event of a vehicle emergency, John Lewis will reimburse you up to £50 in taxi or train fares. (terms and conditions apply)

John Lewis Car Insurance, UK

Before you get your John Lewis car insurance quote, you should probably know the exact type of insurance that you need, as there are several common policy types. It may be simple just to go with the cheapest option, but be careful, as you may not be getting the type of coverage you expect. In general terms, here is a quick guide to the most common car insurance types:
  • Third party car insurance only covers you against having to pay if you injure someone or damage their vehicle or other property, but third party cover won't pay to repair damage to your own car.
  • Third party, fire and theft cover will also pay to repair or replace your own vehicle if it is stolen, or damaged or destroyed by fire.
  • The most commonly purchased insurance option is comprehensive cover. Comprehensive cover pays to repair damage to your own car, including windscreens, in addition to all of the covered items described above.

Some vehicle insurance policies also provide for Optional Legal Protection Cover which pays for legal costs if you happen to be involved in a legal dispute because of an accident that is not of your making. This option is also available with John Lewis car insurance.

Car Insurance from John Lewis Finance additionally offers three levels of optional cover for the car which you insure - Roadside Rescue, Home Rescue and European Rescue. The Breakdown Cover is designed to get you back on your journey as fast as possible, but it won't cover the cost of replacement parts, fuel, car tyres or any other materials used in the repair.

There are many other options that can be included in, or excluded from, different car insurance policies, so be sure to study all of the available options and extras that may be available for your particular policy. Some of the options to bear in mind would be related to: Car breakdown; Excess Protection; Protected No Claims Discount; Personal accident; Replacement car; Insurance abroad; Windscreens; Audio or Sat Nav equipment.

If you need to make a claim, then you can simply call the John Lewis claims telephone number and the John Lewis claims team will be able to help, 24 hours a day. The same is also true for windscreen claims, with support available 24 hours a day.

We think car insurance from John Lewis is very good value for money and if you need a free car insurance quote then it will take just a couple of minutes; you are also be able to save your quote on the John Lewis website for your future reference.

John Lewis Home Insurance

Any home is a big investment, and having good home insurance is just as essential for your home as having a front door and windows. Best of all, good home insurance doesn't need to be expensive, and buying home insurance from John Lewis is simple.

John Lewis Car Insurance
John Lewis Home Insurance

Why get John Lewis home insurance? Home Insurance from John Lewis Finance protects your home & contents. John Lewis also offer alternative accommodation if your home becomes uninhabitable. John Lewis' home insurance cover is designed to get you back on your feet quickly, fully and fairly. So while we hope you will never need to make an insurance claim on your John Lewis home insurance, if you do need to then rest assured that John Lewis will always put your needs first. Just decide what kind of home insurance cover works best for you, and get a quote today.

John Lewis Home Insurance, UK

You'll find lots of easy-to-follow information at the John Lewis Insurance website along with the different types of home insurance you may be interested in. For example:
  • John Lewis Buildings & Contents Cover
    Buildings & Contents Cover provides comprehensive cover for your home and belongings, including bespoke Specialist Cover for unique circumstances.
  • John Lewis Buildings Cover
    John Lewis Buildings Cover ensures the structures and built-in fixtures of your property can be swiftly repaired after unexpected events.
  • John Lewis Contents Cover
    John Lewis Contents Cover is frequently chosen by renters and leaseholders; this full-featured cover can protect your items at home and abroad.

John Lewis appreciates how much your home means to you, which is why so much care is put into crafting insurance cover at every level, and why so many John Lewis Insurance customers recommend and renew with John Lewis, year after year.
  • John Lewis Home Insurance insurance is tried, tested and recommended by ninety per cent of customers, and John Lewis Insurance has been awarded Which? recommended Provider eight years in a row.
  • With an approved claim, John Lewis make sure that both you, and your pets (because they're family too, of course!), have somewhere to live if you're unable to stay in your home.
  • You don't have to inform John Lewis Insurance every time you buy something new, because under a certain amount you'll not be asked to list individual items.

Once you visit the John Lewis Home Insurance website you'll also be able to see that John Lewis offers a wide choice of plans, and you can compare John Lewis Buildings and Contents cover levels. For example, the different levels include: Essential, Plus, Premier, and Specialist. You can quickly and easily compare the home insurance cover offered with each one. A popular choice, the Premier level offers:
  • Unlimited Buildings and Contents Cover
    John Lewis will not ask you to calculate the exact cost of rebuilding your home, or of replacing your general contents. Inner limits and conditions apply.
  • Unlimited Alternative Accommodation Cover
    John Lewis will help to keep a roof over your head in the event your home becomes uninhabitable as a result of a claim, by covering the cost of similar temporary accommodation while it's being rebuilt.
  • Unlimited Matching Sets Cover
    If an item from a bathroom, kitchen or living room suite is damaged and it cannot be repaired, or an appropriate replacement found, John Lewis will replace the whole set for you.

Even if you're not quite yet ready to purchase home insurance, you will find some very useful articles and guides on the John Lewis Home Insurance website, including:
  • Storm Damage - Some great tips to help you get back on your feet quickly if a storm damages your home.
  • Burst Pipes - Find out how to start putting things right quickly with these top tips from John Lewis Insurance experts.
  • Lost Valuables Abroad - Gain peace of mind before visiting foreign destinations by knowing exactly what to do to keep your cool.
  • Accidental Damage - This is a really useful guide which describes what "accidental damage" is and the key things you should look for in an insurance policy.

Also, you may like to remember, if you your buy home insurance from John Lewis with your John Lewis credit card you will earn points towards Waitrose and John Lewis gift vouchers.

John Lewis Travel Insurance

Feel secure on all of your travels wherever you go, with John Lewis travel insurance. Whether you're an infrequent traveller or racking up the air-miles, John Lewis can cover your personal belongings, medical emergencies, travel connections and more with the quality insurance cover you'd expect from John Lewis.

John Lewis Travel Insurance
John Lewis Travel Insurance, UK

No matter what your travel plans may be, there's a good chance that the travel insurance available from John Lewis Insurance will cover all your needs. There are two main types of travel insurance available, which then have additional options:
  • Annual Multi-Trip Insurance - Enjoy an entire year's worth of exploring new places. John Lewis Annual Multi-trip Insurance can cover multiple trips of up to 60 days each.
  • Single Trip Travel Insurance - With the single-trip insurance plan you can take off with far fewer worries whenever you're going abroad - for several weeks or even up to six months.

Wherever you might be travelling, alone or with family, there's most likely a travel insurance plan from John Lewis to fit your needs. Here are just a few of the typical scenarios which John Lewis travel insurance can cover:
  • Worldwide travel: Travelling the world? Whether you're visiting Antigua, Africa or Asia, make sure you're covered with adequate travel insurance.
  • European travel: Pick up extra travel protection that is specially designed to cover you while you explore Europe.
  • Family holidays: Your family holidays should always be memorable occasions, which is why John Lewis make covering your family holiday simple and easy.
  • Winter sports: Protect yourself when you hit the ski slopes with this optional winter-sports cover.

Getting a travel insurance quote from John Lewis is a straightforward affair, and takes only a few minutes, and, of course is free. For your convenience, you are also able to save your insurance quotes on the John Lewis website for retrieval at a later time.

John Lewis Wedding Insurance

Why get wedding insurance? Wedding insurance provides financial protection just in case things don't go exactly to plan for your special day. After having invested your heart and soul (and money) into making sure your wedding goes the way you want, be sure to take care that your big day is covered with John Lewis wedding insurance. John Lewis have taken extra care to craft wedding insurance that puts you and your plans first. With six levels of wedding insurance cover, no matter what happens on your big day John Lewis will help to ensure everything ends perfectly.

John Lewis Wedding Insurance
John Lewis Wedding Insurance, UK

Your wedding day is all about the many special details, which is why John Lewis Wedding Insurance is so comprehensive. With the comfort of having John Lewis wedding insurance by your side, and you can celebrate your special day with confidence. Here are some of the ways in which wedding insurance can help keep your stress levels down:
  • Wedding photos are forever, so John Lewis will restage yours if your photographer does not turn up, or another type of loss or damage affects your precious memories.
  • Protect your wedding plans if your suppliers are unable to deliver their services. If your caterer, musicians or florist can't complete their contract, John Lewis wedding insurance could cover your costs.
  • Nobody is able to control the weather, but there's no need to let poor weather dampen your big day. If a storm prevents you and more than half of your guests from reaching your wedding, John Lewis wedding insurance could cover you.

Offering different levels of coverage, according to the wedding insurance plan you select, John Lewis wedding insurance can cover: Cancellation or rearrangement; Loss or damage; Wedding rings; Failure of suppliers; Wedding gifts; Public liability; Legal expenses.

Getting a free quote for wedding insurance from John Lewis Insurance is quick and easy, and you'll find lots of helpful advice on the website to help you plan your wedding day. With the cost of wedding so expensive, and the cost of wedding insurance being so affordable, it does make a good deal of sense to consider purchasing wedding insurance. And, of course, we wish you all good wishes for your big day!

John Lewis Pet Insurance

Caring for a pet means caring for them for all of their life, and that is why John Lewis offer three levels of pet insurance cover, all of which offer lifetime protection for your pet. As long as your pet is insured with John Lewis, you can claim for both the odd mishaps and also for the life-long conditions covered by the insurance plan which need treatment year after year. As just about every pet owner will agree, there's nothing more important than family!

John Lewis Pet Insurance
John Lewis Pet Insurance, UK

Not every type of pet is covered by John Lewis Pet Insurance, (no pet crocodiles or miniature pigs, or indeed, most other animals) but it will cover both cats and dogs, with affordable, comprehensive cover.
  • Pet Insurance for Your Cat: From emergency dental care (due to an injury) and cattery fees to lifetime treatment of ongoing conditions, John Lewis pet insurance for cats helps to keep them just as happy as they make you.
  • Pet Insurance for Your Dog: With Lifetime Cover for veterinary fees, emergency dental care (due to an injury) and third-party liability if your canine causes damage to others, John Lewis pet insurance can help protect both you and your best friend.

As you can imagine, there are many different types of pet insurance available. Some of the plans cap the total amount you can claim for each condition, while others limit you to just a single year of treatment for a given condition. However, pet insurance from John Lewis Finance only offers Lifetime Cover. This is really good, and means, if your pet is insured with John Lewis pet insurance and your premiums are paid, you could claim for a one-off mishap such as an injured paw or a longer term illness, such as canine diabetes, which needs treatment every year, or both.

John Lewis offer three levels of pet insurance cover so you can choose the level of veterinary fees you will have to use for the treatment which your pet may need. If your pet insurance policy is renewed each year, John Lewis will not put a time limit on how long treatment can last and will pay up to your chosen vet fee limit each year that you require it.

With vet' fees as pricey as they are it makes a good deal of sense to ensure your pet is well-insured. And, with John Lewis pet insurance you can certainly rest a somewhat easier, knowing that many of the major expenses which may arise from owning a pet can be covered with affordable pet insurance. Free quotes for pet insurance are available from the John Lewis insurance website.

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