We are a multi-disciplinary research laboratory, incorporating cognitive developmental science with various educational disciplines, including science, mathematics, and literacy lead by Dr Michelle Ellefson. We conduct laboratory experiments that document various developmental constraints of learning disciplinary and non- disciplinary materials. The results from our experiments are used to inspire the development or advancement of theoretical accounts of learning both within and across educational domains. Our classroom studies evaluate whether these theoretical accounts can be applied effectively to classroom instruction. The results of our classroom studies are used to evaluate the effectiveness of our developmental theories, which in turn inspire more classroom interventions, continuing our iterative process of laboratory and classroom based research.

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Post-Graduate Students

We have regular openings for graduate students to conduct research in the lab while completing Masters' and Doctoral work with the Psychology and Education program in the Faculty of Education at Cambridge University.

Undergraduate Students

We have ongoing projects and opportunities for undergraduate research both within the Education Tripos and the Psychology & Behavioural Sciences Tripos. Previous students have have pursued careers in business, chemistry, education, medicine, and psychology.

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If you would like to find out more about the INSTRUCT Research Group, then please contact our PI, Dr Michelle Ellefson (