inp.PINS means the integration of Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) with Geographic Information Systems (GIS). inp.PINS generates SWMM input files (.inp) from GIS data and analysis SWMM outputs to generate floodplains and bring the results to GIS. Fell free to use inp.PINS and we hope you enjoy it!

The general idea of inp.PINS is based on the following steps:
1. Create .inp files based on .shp data
2. Run SWMM
3. Create .shp result files from SWMM .rpt and DEM

This web-site is the official manual of the software and is organised as follows:
1. User Manual: all details about the software with an example of common flow-chart tasks and FAQ.
2. Downloads: installers and tutorial.
3. Team: meet us in LinkedIn.
4. Contact: for any further questions.