inLASER project has been selected as the only EDAM project to be presented during the 2012 MIT Portugal Conference, held in Guimarães (Portugal). Only six projects have been selected by the MIT committee, from all the areas of the program.

Nelson Oliveira was invited to present the project and his research to the conference. All the MIT Portugal students voted for the best of the six selected presentations. Nelson ranked fourth.


Along the last month were received several key elements, as the table to do the tests and the laser.

The testing table was supplied by OCO locksmiths. This table was developed internally by PIEP and then was built by the locksmith selected.

The laser equipment was supplied by the company Dr. Mergenthaler GmbH & Co. KG, through its Portuguese representative Hejamara-Comércio e Serviços de Equipamentos Industriais SA. 


Was received today, the new mold cavities for injecting the electric system. The cavity is present in the following figure, and will be use for doing the initial electric condutivity tests.

At the same time, was received the robot, that will be use for doing the welding process. this robot was supported by motoman.


Was signed yesterday the contract between PIEP and Inovatec, for starting the development of tools needed to initiate the  promoting  of the Inlaser project.

The promotion will be made through the development of a documentary and a book. 

Inovatec will be responsible for doing the promotion and the diffusion of this information in Portugal and aboard.  


With the objective of improving the reliability and the quality of the mechanical results of the project, was decided to use the following norms:

EN 12814-4:2001: Testing of welded joints of thermoplastics semi-finished products. Peel test

EN 12814-3:2000: Testing of welded joints of thermoplastics semi-finished products. Tensile creep test

EN 12814-1:1999: Testing Of Welded Joints Of Thermoplastics Semi-Finished Products. Bend Test

these norms will be supported by the IPQ - Instituto Português da Qualidade. 

With the inputs given by information in these norms, the project will enter in new fields of research with safety.