Workshop Schedule

September 14th: Chapter Sharing 
"Getting the Year Started"
 McDonald Elementary
Paper Registration / Online Registration 

October 19th: Brent Gault Workshop
Whitworth University
Paper Registration / Online Registration 

November 5th: Fall Folk Dance Night
Finch Elementary
Online Registration

February 29th: Andrew Ellingsen
 Adams Elementary, Spokane Valley
Paper Registration / Online Registration 

March 21st: Chapter Sharing 
"Creative Play in the Music Classroom"
McDonald Elementary
Paper Registration / Online Registration 

May 14th: Spring Recorder Session
Regal Elementary
Paper Registration / Online Registration
Workshop Fees

Don't forget to become a 2019-2020 member and save $40-$45 per workshop!

Remember, a filled out membership form and dues every year are required to be eligible for the lower price. 

Clinician Workshop                   $ 35
Chapter Sharing Workshop         $ 25

Clinician Workshop                   $ 80
Chapter Sharing Workshop         $ 65

College Student:
Clinician Workshop                   10
Chapter Sharing Workshop         $ 10

First-Year Teacher:
**Free**                              $ 0**
**Free workshop registration for First Year 
for teachers who have paid the $30 membership 

*Add $10.00 for on-site/late registration*