Frequently Asked Questions

I've never done any winemaking, is there a lot involved?

Making wine on premise starts with choosing the type of wine you want. The Alcohol & Gaming Board requires that the customer own the ingredients and begin the process by pouring the necessary ingredients into the primary fermentation container “pail” and sprinkling the yeast to begin fermentation. We assist in this, and it takes no time at all. Next, we phone you and set up a bottling time. When you arrive for your bottling appointment we will sanitize your bottles, and show you how to use our equipment to fill them. The whole process is quick and easy.

Can I taste a sample of the wine before I order?

The Answer here is “NO”. Please understand that in order for this industry to exist, we have rules that we must follow involving the Alcohol And Gaming Commission of Ontario. These rules are really there to not only protect consumers but to allow for an alternative to the LCBO. When dealing with the LCBO, one accepts higher taxation on their many great products; this industry exists as an alternate way to save big dollars by accepting that one is not buying a finished product and subject to manufacturing taxes. Also, it has been found that the stores that do allow customers to taste their product, knowingly breaking the law, substitute other wines and say “this is what it will taste like” or let the customer sample another customers batch or order of wine. This is a very short sighted outlook for our industry and we do not wish to follow these practices. Also, our 100% guarantee protects our customers and you will never be stuck with a wine you do not like.

Will you honour other stores coupons or promotions?

Absolutely “Yes”, our goal here is to provide the very best in service and quality and we will happily price match any coupon or proof of promotion you bring in for a similar product. We have a 100% price match guarantee. But to be very honest, it’s not used much at all, not when our six week kits sell for $169-189 everywhere else, and we let our customers enjoy these fine wines at $144. That’s a savings of almost $45 bucks.

Wow, all this sounds great, but I’m worried about trying your services, what guarantee is there?

Your wine is 100% fully guaranteed. You and your friends will love the wine or we want it back. If for any reason you are unhappy, we will replace your wine with a credit towards a replacement on a per bottle basis if needed. We want you to enjoy each and every bottle. Our Guarantee is rarely used, with most people finding that if they let their wines age a bit longer, they are completely satisfied. But if you need to, you will be astounded by how easy it is and just how well we look after you.

I’ve tried this before at another store, and I was not happy with my wine or service!

You may have tried wine making, even a few times, and may have been a little bit disappointed with your experience. Perhaps the quality of the wine fell short of your expectations and you felt there must be better. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! At Ingersoll Water & Wine, we’ll make sure you have a great wine making experience. When you visit us, you’ll be pleased by the clean, modern appearance of our store and the personal service that you receive. We will help you select wines that are right for you. We will help keep track of your history and our recommendations are made based on what we truly feel is the best for you, not just what we have on sale or have lying around in the store. At Ingersoll Water and Wine we will raise the standard of your wine making experience.

What determines quality?

Wine quality is determined by several factors. The first being the quality of the raw ingredients contained in the kit. Most kits contain some concentrated juice in order to reduce the aging requirement for the finished wine. Instead of having to age the wine for a year or two the wine can be fully enjoyed much sooner. Add to this, a clean, sterilized state of the art facility and great water and you have yourself a recipe for success.

What about Ingersoll water?

We have an amazing reverse osmosis system that is made up of eight big blue filters and an ultra-violet light. These filters take out all the nasty contaminants while leaving the necessary minerals that make great wine. Our water quality is beyond reproach.

Can I clean my bottles when I come into the shop?

No, your bottles should already be clean. Just rinse them out with hot water when you are done the bottle. Our state of the art bottle washer will do the rest for you. It will steam clean, sterilize and rinse the bottles to perfection. Not just a quick-spray and quick-rinse that has become the standard of so many facilities. That is just smoke and mirrors and does not get the job done.

Can I store my wine at the store?

Sorry, the answer is NO, it is required by law that once your wine is ready, it must be bottled and removed from our premise.

Can I make 1/2 a batch of red and 1/2 a batch of white?

If only you could, but the kits are designed to make 30 bottles (750 ml) and cannot be split in half. On the other hand, if you got a friend to go in ½ with you or a relative or co-worker to order a second batch you could split up the wine as you see fit.

Why don't I recognize all the types of wines you offer?

Many commercially available wines have protection for their names and we use alternate names for our kits. Bring in an empty bottle of your favourite wine, and we will get the right match for you.

What if I don't know what I like?

If you don't know what you like we can usually determine it through a series of questions. Our goal is to provide you with an easy, “no pressure” environment and to assist you in picking that special wine we know you will love and want to share with family and friends.

How do I store my wine?

Leave your wine standing up for a few days. This will help release some compressed air or gasses trapped inside the bottle from bottling your wine. After that, ensure that you store your wine on its side. Doing so will keep the cork moist, and prevent any exchanging of air through the cork, preventing the oxidation of your wine.

When can I start drinking my wine?

Whites seem to peak earlier than heavy robust red wines. At Ingersoll Water and Wine, we use a three stage process in making your wines which reduce the amount of acidity and other gasses making wines very drinkable from the day you get them home. However, they will age gracefully. With age comes smoothness and complexity. Storing your heavier reds for three to six months will help to realize their full potential.

How long will my wine keep?

The length of time that the wine will keep drastically lengthens if you have the ideal temperature. Your wines will last years if the storage is proper in a nice cool, dark location with no agitation or odours. Fruit wines can be drank immediately to 6-12 months; whites (simple wines), 1-3 to 18-24+ months life and reds (complex wines), 6-12 to 30-36+ months life.

What is the ideal temperature for my wine?

Consistency is key when storing your wine. The ideal temperature is maintaining a 55-57 degrees Fahrenheit (12-14 Celsius). The humidity should also remain in the 60-70% range. Investing in a simple thermometer that can measure both the temperature and the humidity is a great investment. Keep track once in a while of your storage locations, making sure it does not fluctuate too drastically. In the end though, it’s really easy . . . a nice cool, dark, place.

What if I can’t keep the temperature low enough?

If you are unable to keep the temperature in the preferred range, you can store it at room temperature. Your wine will be fine, just make sure that the wine is consumed within a reasonable timeframe. If you are uneasy about your options for storing, consider investing in wine fridge.

What if the temperature gets too low?

If your wine is stored in an area that dips below proper temperature, your wine can slowly start to form “Wine Diamonds.” Grapes naturally contain tartaric acid, potassium and calcium ions.

How do I care for the bottles once I empty them?

Taking a moment at the end of the night to rinse your empty wine bottle with warm water is a good idea. Do not use any harsh or abrasive cleaners or soaps. This will leave a soapy residue on the bottle. Leave the freshly rinsed bottle upside-down in the sink to drain. Once the bottle is dry, place it in a storage case (wine box) upside-down. Doing so will ensure that no dust or insects create a new home in your bottles. If you do have mould or dirty bottles, using these in the future may contaminate any new wine that gets bottled.