4 Weeks  --  $100.00
4 Weeks  --  $100.00
4 Weeks --  $130.00
6 Weeks  --  $160.00
6-8 Weeks  --  $186.00   (by Special Order only)

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Customer Comments:

I can't believe his prices. Worth the 20 minute drive from London. His attention to every detail amazes me.

                                              Tim, London


Easy peasy, I love my wine!!                     

                                     Jackie, Ingersoll

I've been dealing with Mark for years and I know he stands behind his product.  He has always looked after us.

                                                       Patricia, Kitchener


I live in Tillsonburg and I dropped by because my normal store didn't have my favourite kit. I went in and was amazed by the selection on hand and almost died at the price difference.

Melissa, Tillsonburg
I've known Mark for a decade and served his wine at both of my kids' weddings.
Brian, Ingersoll
I thought it was going to be a problem wine. Mark listened, recorded my comments and put me at ease by putting on a replacement batch.  In the end, no exchange was needed and I ended up being very happy with my wine. I couldn't believe his level of service. I was impressed.
John & Megan, Ingersoll
Mark did our wedding 2 years ago and we are still getting comments from friends about how great the wine was.
Jason, Kitchener
The service was wonderful and the wine amazing! Our anniversary party wine was a big hit with our friends and family.
Olivia, Dorchester

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