Jul 25 (Mon)
  9:00--10:00  registration
10:00--11:00  B. M. McCoy (C. N. Yang Inst.)
            The Romance of the Ising Model
11:30--12:30  V. Pasquier (CNRS)
            Conformal blocks in minimal models,
            a connection to the Calogero Sutherland models via the Quantum Hall effect
15:00--16:00  K. Hiroe (Tokyo)
            Linear differential equations and root systems
16:30--17:30  H. Sakai (Tokyo)
            Frontier of isomonodromic deformation theory

Jul 26 (Tue)
10:00--11:00  K. Nishinari (Tokyo)
            Jamology - traffic jams of self-driven particles
11:30--12:30  M. Sasada (Keio)
            Scaling limits for exclusion processes and evolutional models of Young diagrams
15:00--16:00  K. Ueno (Waseda)
            Connection problem of KZ equation on M_{0,5}
16:30--17:30  O. Foda (Melbourne)
            An aspect of bosonization

Jul 27 (Wed)
10:00--11:00  B. Feigin (Landau, State Univ.)
11:30--12:30  F. Smirnov (CNRS)
            Fermionic structure in integrable models:
            from lattice to CFT and massive field theory I
14:00--16:00  poster session
16:30--17:30  M. Jimbo (Rikkyo)
            Fermionic structure in integrable models: 
            from lattice to CFT and massive field theory II
18:30--  banquet (at
Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel, Shibuya)

Jul 28 (Thu)
10:00--11:00  H. Ochiai (IMI, Kyushu Univ.)
            On non-commutative harmonic oscillators
11:30--12:30  K. Yoshikawa (Kyoto)
            Resultants and Borcherds Phi-function
15:00--16:00  Y. Yamada (Kobe)
            An interpolation problem related with q-E^{(1)}_8 Painleve equation 
16:30--17:30  Y. Takeyama (Tsukuba)
            On relations for a q-analogue of multiple zeta values

Jul 29 (Fri)
10:00--11:00  O. Iyama (Nagoya) 
            Cluster algebras and categorification
11:30--12:30  K. C. Misra (North Carolina)
            Perfect Crystals, Demazure Crystals and Geometric Crystals: The G_2 case
15:00--16:00  A. Belavin (Landau)
            Instantons and 2d Superconformal field theory

Speakers (last update Jul 9, 2011)

A. Belavin (Landau) 
B. Feigin (Landau, State Univ.)
O. Foda (Melbourne)
K. Hiroe (Tokyo)
O. Iyama (Nagoya) 
M. Jimbo (Rikkyo)
B. M. McCoy (C. N. Yang Inst.)
K. C. Misra (North Carolina)
K. Nishinari (Tokyo)
H. Ochiai (IMI, Kyushu Univ.)
V. Pasquier (CNRS)
H. Sakai (Tokyo)
M. Sasada (Keio)
F. Smirnov (CNRS)
Y. Takeyama (Tsukuba)
K. Ueno (Waseda)
Y. Yamada (Kobe)
K. Yoshikawa (Kyoto)

※ Professor Okounkov's talk is canceled.
※ Professor Iohara's talk is canceled.
※ Dr. Tsymbaliuk's talk is canceled.
※ Professor Maillet's talk is canceled.