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Indriyati Atmosukarto

Indriyati Atmosukarto, PhD
Associate Professor 
Deputy Programme Director (Telematics)
Singapore Institute of Technology
10 Dover Drive
Singapore 138683

Email: indria AT cs DOT washington DOT edu

My name is Indriyati Atmosukarto but I prefer to be called Indri. I am a Singaporean with an Indonesian father and a Romanian mother, born in Algeria. I always have problems answering the "Where are you from?" question :)

Academic bio:
Indriyati Atmosukarto is an Associate Professor at the Singapore Institute of Technology.

Prior to joining SIT, she was a Research Scientist at the Advanced Digital Sciences Center (ADSC), where she still holds an adjunct research scientist position. ADSC is a joint research center between the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore. At ADSC, Indri was the team lead of the 
"Semantic Analysis of Video" project.

Prior to joining ADSC, Indri was a Postdoctoral Senior Fellow in the Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle, working at the Seattle Children's Research Institute. Her postdoctoral work was focused on developing ways to quantify 3D facial shape deformations in children with craniofacial disorders.

She earned her PhD
in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington ,Seattle in June 2010 and was advised by Prof Linda Shapiro.  Her dissertation work was on applying computer vision and machine learning techniques to analyze and quantify 3D shapes for similarity-based retrieval and classification for general computer vision and medical applications. She has obtained a Master of Science from the University of Washington in 2006 and a Master of Science from the National University of Singapore in 2002. Before that, she obtained her Bachelor in Computer Science from the National University of Singapore in 2000. She was also a research engineer at the National University of Singapore.

Her research interests are in computer vision, image and video processing, machine learning, and medical imaging.

CV available upon request.


 - Journal Publications -
[J.4] 3D Object Retrieval Using Salient Views.
        I. Atmosukarto, L. G. Shapiro. Accepted to International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval, 2012.

[J.3] Longitudinal, three-dimensional analysis of head shape in infants with and without deformational plagiocephaly or brachycephaly.
        Collett, Heike, Atmosukarto, Starr, Cuningham, Speltz. The Journal of Pediatrics, Vol. 160, Issue 4, Pages 673-678, April 2012.

[J.2] 3D Head Shape Quantification for Infants with and without Deformational Plagiocephaly.
        I. Atmosukarto, L. G. Shapiro, J. R. Starr, C. L. Heike, B. Collett, M. L. Cunningham, M. L. Speltz. In Cleft Palate Craniofac J. 2010 Jul;47(4):368-77., 2010. 

[J.1] 3D Object Classification using Salient Point Patterns With Application to Craniofacial Research
        I. Atmosukarto , K. Wilamowska, C. Heike, L. G. Shapiro. In Pattern Recognition,Volume 43, Issue 4, April 2010, Pages 1502.1517 .
 - Book Chapters -
[B.3] Recognizing Team Formation in American Football.
         I. Atmosukarto, B. Ghanem, M. Saadalla, N. Ahuja. To appear in Computer Vision in Sports, Springer 2015.

[B.2] Craniofacial Image Analysis.
          E. Mergan, I. Atmosukarto, J. Wu, S. Liang, and L. Shapiro. To appear Comprehensive Health Monitoring and Personalized Feedback using Multimedia Data, Springer, 2015.

[B.1] Similarity-Based Retrieval for Biomedical Applications. 
         L. G. Shapiro,I. Atmosukarto, H. Cho, H. J. Lin, S. Ruiz-Correa, J. Yuen. 
         In Case-Based Reasoning on Images and Signals,  P. Perner (ed.), Spring-Verlag, Berlin, 2008, pp. 356-387.
 - Conference Publications -
[C.26] Action Recognition using Discriminative Structured Trajectory Groups
           I. Atmosukarto, N. Ahuja, B. Ghanem.
           Accepted in IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2015.

[C.25] Mixture of Heterogeneous Attribute Analyzers for Human Action Detection.
           Yong Pei, Bingbing Ni, I. Atmosukarto.
           Accepted in European Conference in Computer Vision (ECCV) 2014 Workshop (ChaLearn Looking at People)
           [2nd prize winner for ChaLearn Looking at People @ECCV 2014: Challenge and Workshop on Pose Recovery, Action and Gesture Recognition, Track 2: Action/Interaction Recognition]

[C.24] Automatic Playbook Generation in Football through Video.

           J. Varadarajan, I. Atmosukarto, B. Ghanem, S. Ahuja, N. Ahuja.
           [Finalist (1 out of 7) for the Evolution of Sports competition at the 8th Annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2014]

[C.23] A Topic Model Approach to Represent and Classify American Football Plays.
           J. Varadarajan, I. Atmosukarto, S. Ahuja, B. Ghanem, N. Ahuja.
           Accepted in British Machine Vision Conference, 2013.

[C.22] Automatic Recognition of Offensive Team Formation in American Football Plays.
           I. Atmosukarto, B. Ghanem, S. Ahuja, K. Muthuswamy, N. Ahuja.
           In IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVSports), 2013. [BEST PAPER AWARD]

[C.21] Trajectory-based Fisher Kernel Representation for Action Recognition in Videos.
           I. Atmosukarto, B. Ghanem, N. Ahuja.
           In International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2012.

[C.20] Skull Retrieval for Craniosynostosis Using Sparse Logistic Regression Models.
           S. Yang, L. Shapiro, M. Cunningham, M. Speltz, C. Birgfield, I. Atmosukarto, S-I. Lee.
           In MICCAI Workshop on Medical Content Based Retrieval for Clinical Decision Support, 2012. [BEST PAPER AWARD]

[C.19] The Use of Genetic Programming for Learning 3D Craniofacial Shape Quantification.
           I. Atmosukarto, L. G. Shapiro, C. Heike.
           In International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2010.

[C.18] 3D Object Retrieval Using Salient Views.
           I. Atmosukarto and L. G. Shapiro.
           In ACM Multimedia Information Retrieval, 2010. 

[C.17] Shape-Based Classification of 3D Head Data.
           L.Shapiro, K. Wilamowska, I. Atmosukarto, J. Wu, C.  Heike, M. Speltz, and M. Cunningham.
           In International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing, 2009.

[C.16] Automatic 3D Shape Severity Quantification and Localization for Deformational Plagiocephaly.
           I. Atmosukarto, L. Shapiro, M. Cunningham, and M. Speltz.
           In Proc. SPIE Medical Imaging: Image Processing, 2009.

[C.15] A similarity retrieval method for functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) statistical maps.
           R. F. Tungaraza, L. G. Shapiro, J. Guan, I. Atmosukarto, S. M. Rolfe, J. Ojemann, A. Poliakov, E. Aylward, N. M. Kleinhans, J. F. Brinkley.
           In Proc. SPIE Medical Imaging: Image Processing, 2009.

[C.14] A model of multimodal fusion for medical applications.
           S. Yang, I. Atmosukarto, J. Franklin, J. Brinkley, D. Suciu, L. Shapiro.
           In Proc. SPIE Multimedia Content Access: Algorithms and Systems III, 2009.

[C.13] A Learning Approach to 3D Object Classification.
           I. Atmosukarto, L. Shapiro.
           In Proc. S+SSPR, 2008.

[C.12] A Salient-Point Signature for 3D Object Retrieval.
           I. Atmosukarto, L. G. Shapiro.
           In Proc. ACM Multimedia Information Retrieval, 2008. 

[C.11] Global 3D Mesh Segmentation using Local Operators.
           I. Atmosukarto, L. G. Shapiro.
           In Proc. Eurographics 2008 Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval, 2008. 

[C.10] A unifiying framework for combining content-based image retrieval with relational database queries for biomedical applications.
           I. Atmosukarto, R. Travillian, J. Franklin, L. Shapiro, J. Brinkley, and D. Suciu.
           In Proc. Society for Imaging Informatics for Medicine Annual Meeting, 2008. 

[C.9] An Interactive 3D User Interface for Bronchoscopy. 
          I. Atmosukarto, T.  D. Soper, E.  J. Seibel, Robb W. Glenny, and L. G. Shapiro.
          In Proc. SPIE Medical Imaging : Visualization and Image Guided Procedure, 2007  [Nominee for The Michael B. Merickel best student paper award]

[C.8] Interactive 3D Interface for Guiding an Ultrathin Bronchoscope.
          T.  D. Soper, I. Atmosukarto, E.  J. Seibel, and Robb W. Glenny.
          In Proc. UIST, 2005 (Accepted poster)

[C.7] Object and Event Recognition for Aerial Surveillance.
          Y. Li, I. Atmosukarto, M. Kobashi, J. Yuen and L. G. Shapiro.
          In SPIE Optics and Photonics in Global Homeland Security, SPIE Defense and Security Symposium, 2005. - (invited paper).

[C.6] Feature Combination and Relevance Feedback for 3D Model Retrieval.
          I. Atmosukarto, W.K. Leow, and Z. Huang.
          In Proc. IEEE Multimedia Modelling 2005.  (presentation slides)

[C.5] 3D model retrieval with morphing-based geometric and topological feature maps.
          M. Yu, I. Atmosukarto, W.K. Leow, Z. Huang, and R. Xu.
          In Proc. IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2003, 2:656-661.

[C.4] Reconstructing surface discontinuities by intersecting tangent planes of advancing mesh frontiers.
          L. Zhou, I. Atmosukarto, W. K. Leow, and Z. Huang.
          In Proc.Computer Graphics International, 2002:183-2002.

[C.3] Polygonizing non-uniformly distributed 3D points by advancing mesh frontiers.
          I. Atmosukarto, L. Zhou, W. K. Leow, Z. Huang.
          In  Proc.Computer Graphics International, 2001:175-182. 

[C.2]  Acquiring 3D models from images for multimedia systems.
          W. K. Leow, Z. Huang, l. Zhou, I. Atmosukarto and Y. Zhang.
          In Proc.International Conference on Multimedia Modeling,  2000: 439-449. 

[C.1]  Mesh construction from non-uniformly distributed and noisy 3D points recovered from image sequence.
          I. Atmosukarto, W. K. Leow, Z. Huang, Y. Zhang, and K. K. Sung.
          In Proc. Pacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications, 2000:423-424. 

 - Patents -
Video Analysis Based on Sparse Registration and Multiple Domain Tracking 
US Patent Application: Serial No. 13/830,015, filed 03/13/2013 [ Pending], US Provisional Patent Application: Serial No. 61/614,146, filed 3/22/2012)
Bernard Ghanem, Shaunak Ahuja, Tianzhu Zhang, Indriyati Atmosukarto.

Frontier Advancing Polygonization
Patent Publication No. US-2003-0063085-A1,3 April 2003.
Wee Kheng Leow, Zhiyong Huang, Luping Zhou and I. Atmosukarto

Technical disclosures (2)
 - Theses -
3D Shape Analysis for Quantification, Classification, and Retrieval
I. Atmosukarto. PhD Thesis, University of Washington, 2010. 

3D Shape Quantification for Retrieval and Classification.

I. Atmosukarto. Generals Thesis Proposal, University of Washington, 2008. 

Interactive 3D User Interface for Bronchosopy.

I. Atmosukarto.  PhD qualifier, University of Washington, 2006. 

Frontier Advancing Delaunay Triangulation of unorganized 3D points.

I. Atmosukarto.Master's Thesis. School of Computing, National University of Singapore, 2000. 

Polygonization of Noisy 3D Surface Points.
I. Atmosukarto. Honor's Thesis. School of Computing, National University of Singapore, 2000. 

 - Professional Activities - 
IEEE CSDP Certification 2014

IEEE Member
IEEE Women in Engineering member

Reviewer for  conferences: ICIP 2016, ChaLearn 2015, IROS 2015, ICIP 2015, ICME2015, WACV 2015, DICTA 2014, ICIP 2014, ICME2014, WACV2014, ICIP 2013, ICME 2013
Review for journals: JBI, MVA, CVIU, Pattern Recognition, Pattern Recognition Letters, Neurocomputing, IEEE Signal Processing Letters
Program Committee SITIS 2014

- Teaching - 
2015 - 2016:
  • TUM Asia: Information Technology 1/2
  • UGS CS: Professional Software Development (PSD3)
  • SIT ICT: Introduction to ICT (ICT1001), Object-Oriented Programming (ICT1009), Information Management (ICT2103)
  • TUM Asia: Information Technology 1/2
  • UGS CS: Professional Software Development (PSD3)
  • SIT ICT: Introduction to ICT (ICT1001), Object-Oriented Programming (ICT1009), ICT In Organization (ICT1006)
- Advising - 
  • Academic mentor for students
  • Advisor for students FYP
    • University of Glasgow Singapore Computer Science 2014-2015: Car plate recognition from still images, car plate matching from video, point-to-point indoor navigation using QR code.
    • University of Glasgow Singapore Computer Science 2015-2016: Video analytics - wheelchair counting and recognition, analytics for medical data

  • Karthik Muthuswamy (NTU), Summer 2012, CVPRW 2013 paper
  • Mutasem Mattar (JUST), Summer 2013, technical disclosure
  • Alex K (LSU), Summer 2013, soccer video analysis: ball and player tracking
  • NTU 2014 ISP student Truong Huynh Quang Trung, : IPAD application development for Sports Video Analysis