Indrajit Ray (Indra)

Professor of Economics; Economics Section, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, Cardiff CF10 3EU, UK

Contacts: +44.29208.74960 (Office Phone); (Email)

External sites: Google Scholar; ORCID; ResearchGate

Associate Fellow, CRETA, Department of Economics, University of Warwick

Associate Editor, Economic Modelling, Bulletin of Economic Research, Arthabisleshon, Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis in Social Sciences

Co-Editor, Arthaniti - Journal of Economic Theory and Practice

Editorial Board, Theoretical Economics Letters, Studies in Microeconomics

Ex-student of RKMV Purulia (1978-1985), RKMRC Narendrapur (1985-1987), ISI Kolkata (1987-1991), ISI New Delhi (1991-1992), UCLouvain (1992-1993) and CORE (1993-1996, as an EDP student with "year abroad" in 1994 at LSE and Tel Aviv)

Previous positions held in the Economics departments of York, UK (1996-2001); Brown, Providence, RI, USA (2002); Birmingham, UK (2003-2014); Presidency, Kolkata, India (January, 2019–January, 2021, as the Infosys Foundation Distinguished Chair Professor).

Chairman, Vidyapith

Indra at York, 1996

Indra at Birmingham, 2006

Indra at Cardiff, 2016