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Cultural Participation Guidelines and Form 

Indian Association
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of Western CT Inc.

Unity in Diversity

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Diwali Program Guidelines for the Choreographers/participants/parents :

 All participants should have tickets even the family members who come to 

see the show should buy tickets.

 Participant’s parents should bear the cost of the costumes- IAWCT is not 

responsible for the cost and damage, of the costumes.

 Choreographers should send the song or back ground 

track for the item/dance in MP3 format to this email 

( by the 1st of November. 

Failing to do this will disqualify their item from being staged as it 

disrupts the program and causes delay if we do not have the correct music; 

they have to bring the backup copy on the performance day.

 Please make sure and check the volume for the tracks. The 

original volume for the track will be responsible for the 

volume it will be played at in the program.

 These CD’s should have only one song, and should be labeled -Name of the 

dance, Dance Number and name of the choreographer. They should collect the 

CD back immediately after their dance is performed on stage (IAWCT is not 

responsible to mail the CD’s later).

 Choreographers have to assign duties to two-volunteer (back stage) to help 

the IAWCT Cultural team. Please send us the name and contact of these 

volunteers ASAP. 

 The choreographers should bring the participants backstage -two items 

before their item go on stage. The choreographers should inform the 

parents to collect the participants immediately after their dance.

 The participants should bring their changing cloths, bottle of water, in 

their own backpacks, with a tag that tells the name of the participant, 

name of the dance and phone number.

 All participants and choreographers should be present at the auditorium by 

3.15 P.M and should be seated on the assigned side of the stage for the 

quick entry into the green room (it is reserved for the participants.

 The program starts sharply at 4.00 pm.

 Once the program list is put together, there will be NO change in the 


 Choreographers will be introduced to the audience so please do send a 

small write-up about you to  

 After each dance performance, choreographers give away the 

certificates/trophies to all the participants.

 No siblings are allowed backstage. No eatables allowed backstage.

 No one at any point can make public announcements, only IAWCT Board 

Members and the cultural team have access to the microphones at all times.

 No participants should touch any property of the school-please reinforce 

the discipline rules.

 The Green-room and backstage should be cleaned up before you leave the 

premises (please have parent volunteers assist you).
For cultural participation please email

*******Registration Now Open*******

Indian Association of Western Connecticut is a Registered Not for Profit Organization with the State of Connecticut. IAWCT, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excludes its liability for any claim, damage, injury, cost or consequence arising from any member or nonmember participation in any event hosted or promoted by the IAWCT, its Board of Directors or officers.