Welcome to Incom's Customs Center!

First, let me give you a proper introduction of lil' ol' me. Real name's Remco Zwart, but I 'm better known (if known at all) as Incom or IncomT65 at various Star Wars and customizer forums. I live in Holland and have been an avid SW fan since late '83, when I was 9 years old.

This site mainly showcases my custom Star Wars figures. I've been customizing figures since early 2006. My first custom was a Galactic Marine, made of parts of three figures and painted using only one brush and three different colours. Well, things have gotten totally out of control since then!

Recently, I have delved into the world of customized vehicles and dioramas, two other great aspects of this hobby.

On the right you can view some of my customs, both early customs and more recent ones.

Finally, I'd like to give big props to the fellow customizers who helped me get started and gave me advice and whose work is very inspiring...... you know who you are!

SITE UPDATE Agust 14, 2009: updated the Custom figures section and the Dioramas section! 

Some of my customs