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Generate additional income through the various methods & ideas found at this location.  The author of this site does not guarantee these methods will produce any specified amount, but provides these as possible ways or avenues that can be tried in an effort to generate additional money.  In today’s environment individuals are increasingly interested in additional income streams and that is the primary reason for the site.


The first and foremost source, as related to this site, is to utilize the internet and websites or blogs to post/publish business or personal information along with utilizing advertising sources that are available to produce income.  This can come from sources like Google AdSense (visitors have to click an ad in order to generate income) or various other advertising related sources that are available throughout the web.  You can go to Google or other search engines and enter ecommerce, internet income, how to make money with blogs, or various other words and you will be able to locate a multitude of sites to visit for information.  You will also be able to visit numerous sites that other people have set up for this purpose and gain knowledge and ideas for your own venture.


Buy investment property to rent.  This may be tough in today’s market related to obtaining financing, but people renting properties may be on the increase.


Vending machine business is a possible source.  The maintenance is low, but finding the right location may be tough and you will have to work at that aspect.


Sell t-shirts at flea markets.  You could purchase the printing machines to produce the product or purchase the shirts from a wholesale source for resale.


Write how-to books if you have the writing ability.  Sell through bookstores or produce them online for download at a price.


Conduct seminars if you have that gift for gab and are comfortable in front of crowds.


Buy and sell stocks online if you feel comfortable taking risks and have the up-front money in case you make bad decisions.


Complete Internet surveys for the numerous companies that are continually advertising for people to handle this effort for their marketing department.


Buy products from businesses that have overstock and sell these items on eBay.


Sell photos if you have the photography skills.  These can be sold through a website or by submitting them to various stock agencies.  Books with stock agencies and submission information can be found at most bookstores.


Complete medical forms from home utilizing the Internet.  Research medical practices to locate firms that need people to transfer information to their forms.


Lawn service is an area that has grown into a popular type or source of additional income.


Research your hobby in order to determine if there are avenues to convert that hobby or interest into extra cash.  There are numerous sites online where you can locate various types of home-based businesses.    


Additional methods & ideas will be added in the future.  To contact the author, email:  incomeauthor(at)gmail(.)com


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