Elif Incekara-Hafalir

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of Economics

UTS Business School

University of Technology Sydney

E-mail: elif.incekarahafalir@uts.edu.au



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Awareness of Low Self-Control: Theory and Evidence from a Homeless Shelter, joint with Sera Linardi. Journal of Economic Psychology, 2017, 61, pp 39-54.

Credit Card Competition and Naive Hyperbolic Consumers. Journal of Financial Services Research, 2015, 47, pp 153-175.

Working Papers

Incentives to Persevere, joint with Grace Lee, Audrey Siah, and Erte Xiao. Under Review

A Zero Effect Explains Deviations from Expected Utility in Allais-type Tasks, joint with Jack Stecher.

The Impact of Credit Cards on Spending: A Field Experiment, joint with George Loewenstein.

The Effect of Store Financing and Consumer Impatience on Timing of New Products.

Work in Progress

The Effect of Payment Medium on Productivity, joint with Raymond Kumar


Advance Microeconomic Theory

Behavioral Economics

Economic Policy and Market Design

Freshman Seminar on Behavioral Economics