Elif Incekara-Hafalir 

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of Economics   

UTS Business School
University of Technology Sydney

E-mail: elif.incekarahafalir@uts.edu.au



Completed Papers

Credit Card Competition and Naive Hyperbolic Consumers. Journal of Financial Services Research, 2015, 47, pp 153-175.

Awareness of Low Self-Control: Theory and Evidence from a Homeless Shelter, joint with Sera Linardi. Journal of Economic Psychology, 2017, 61, pp 39-54.

A Zero Effect Explains Deviations from Expected Utility in Allais-type Tasks, joint with Jack Stecher. Under third round revision at Management Science.

The Impact of Credit Cards on Spending: A Field Experiment, joint with George Loewenstein.

The Effect of Store Financing and Consumer Impatience on Timing of New Products.




Advance Microeconomic Theory

Behavioral Economics

Freshman Seminar on Behavioral Economics