About me

About Me

Born in Jiading, a far suburb of Shanghai. I was brought up in a small village where my father grew up. I really enjoyed my childhood in the wild with my fellows. I spent most of my early life there.

In the 1990's, our family moved to a small town and lived there for many years. At around 2000, due to a massive government project (the F1 circuit), our original house was demolished. Fortunately my parents were given a piece of land a small amount of money to rebuild the house near where it used to be. We moved to the new house in 2003, it's kind of my root in Shanghai;-) Hopefully the government will not knock it down again and force us to move again in the foreseeable future;-)

I finished my Bachelor's Degree (Computer Science) in Shanghai University.

I was lucky enough to know beautiful and lovely TAOTAO (nickname) in 2005. We got married in 2007 in our home town. 

Our lovely twin daughters were born on October 23, 2008 which was a great plus to us, a instant family. OMG (you don't know how hard it was)!


Twin Sisters

I started my IT career back in 1994 when I was in junior high school. I kick started with Microsoft DOS 6.22 (YES). I fell in love with GNU/Linux in 2001, my first distribution was Mandrake Linux 8.1 (KDE 2.2.1 as the default desktop environment). As shown below, I still have that 3 CD box set ;-D I bought it from a local software distributor for 38 CNY (not cheap back then) as far as I remember. Now it has been renamed to Mandriva and seems to have faded out of the mainstream Linux distributions with the rise of Ubuntu.

Later on I switched to Red Hat Linux 7.3 as there were more resources available on the Internet. I can still remember KDE was pretty unstable and the Chinese Language Support was poor at that time. That probably push me to work harder on English:) However, this turned out to be a decisive turn and it did help me a lot in a long run, not only as a key strength and surviving ability in the modern world (the world is flat), but also not to be stuck at Microsoft Windows platform. Open source is the real power.

I joined BEA Systems China Ltd in 2006. After working hard for almost 2 years, lucky enough I grasped a chance to internally transfer to Australia, doing a senior role but got much better pay in A$ and life style. Australia is famous for its beautiful beaches, unique Kangaroos and Koalas all sort of nature resources, most important - its freedom, generosity and democracy. It's always good for me to learn and to do something different. Now that BEA Systems has been taken over by Oracle Corporation - World's largest Enterprise Software company and 2nd largest Software company, obviously I work for the new overlord, based in Sydney. In January, 2014 I started working for Citrix mainly focusing on the Xen Hypervisor and XenServer (also KVM/QEMU, LXC/Docker) and Linux (System Administration, Networking, Storage, Kernel etc...). In April, 2016 I joined MuleSoft a pre-IPO company (SFO based) focusing on integration / API and iPaaS (which IPOed in March 2017) as Cloud Solutions Architect (AWS, networking, storage, infrastructure, security). Moved to consulting in October 2017 ;-)

My key field is Linux, Virtualization, Networking, Storage and DevOps, specialized in troubleshooting and performance tuning. I name myself a Linux Ninja and XenServer black belt ;-D

In future, I would like to make the best use of what I am capable of to change / improve the way we live, make the world a little bit better place for human beings.

For more info, check skill set page: Skill Matrix

I really enjoy the life style, multi-culture, beautiful environment and people here in Australia. People are free to talk, everyone can stand up and disagree. I like the freedom here. In fact it's totally different style of living. I guess it's pretty much the same as my principle: KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid). Except the bloody sunlight and the ozone hole above the head, so always remember to protect yourself in 5 ways: hat, clothes, shade, sungalss, sun scream. I am grateful to BEA (Alfred Chuang?) as well as my managers for giving me this great opportunity. But of course, it's not only just luck but also invisible hardworking.

Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're going to get. We live in a changing world, work and live with changes. Well, remember: When God closes one door he opens another. Believe yourself, you can make it. Impossible is nothing.

Not sure what to write in detail, probably I will finish this page when I have time. Thanks for all you guys/gals for your stay on this simple website. Cheers! Should I thank Google? Yes...
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