Based on Impact Mobile Music's experience playing at a variety of events, here are a few suggestions for making your event a memorable one for you and your guests.

1. Try not to start your dance too early. If you want to ensure that your crowd has staying power to enjoy the entire night, give your guests an opportunity to socialize a bit before the dance and they will fill the dance floor for the rest of the party.

2. Especially for weddings, decorating is a big part of your event. What should be equally important is considering the placement of the DJ and dance floor. Wedding receptions typically last 1-2 hours and your dance could last up to 5 hours. It makes sense to put some thought in to this. Here are some tips:

- Place your DJ and the dance floor in close proximity to each other. If your venue is a hall that has a stage and you would like the DJ on the stage, locate the dance floor in front of the stage even if it means you have to move some tables around before the dance. With this orientation, the DJ can focus both lights and speakers on the dance floor to give your guests the best possible experience. Those that want to dance will get the full effect of the light show and get the sound volume of a rock concert and those that would like to stay on the perimeter will not get blasted by both the lights and the sound. This seems to be the best set up for all of your guests.

- Don't be afraid to place your DJ on the dance floor. DJ's love to interact with the crowd when they get going. It is as much fun for the DJ as it is for your guests when the party gets rocking.

3. Consider involving your guests in the planning process of your dance. When you hire Impact Mobile Music, you will receive a consultation package to start planning your dance. During this process you will select any songs that will help make your event a memorable one. Why not involve your guests in this process? You could possibly put a space for a song request on your RSVP. Your DJ has experience reading a crowd but this may help getting as many people on the dance floor as possible throughout the night.

Impact Mobile Music wants to make your dance experience a great one. Together we can plan the party of the year!