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小 さ な 建 築





Small building

The store stands on the edge of the three-forked road. The site is surrounded by three roads and has only area as two cars can park. I valued littleness and the lowness of the building which I synchronize on the site on the site.

Because a building is built in the roadside, I added unevenness to the outer wall and made it with a clapboard not to become the wall where a building rises. I can look the room over the slit which is made of girder of the Oregon pine of 120×300mm, so the whole of the building will be seen three-dimensionally at night.

Because 2 stories is in 1 story, this building is modest in a town. Because the movement of the top and bottom is short, Client can easily enter the roof deck. There is little shade. He can see the green of the garden which his father dealt with from a big window, and see the road over the slit of the Oregon pine, too.

The whole of the building is small space, so the shaking bower or the inclining sun to the west, the sound of the raindrop, they flow into the inside space directly. Because of small, room space is controlled greatly by a season and weather, and I can feel living together with an atmosphere of the outside space even if there is inside. This is such a building.

設計: 生物建築舎

施工: 有限会社 宮沢建設

設計期間: 2005.7 - 2006.5

施工期間: 2006.6 - 2006.9

構造: 木造軸組構造

敷地面積: 177.16㎡

建築面積: 17.32㎡

延床面積: 25.60㎡

所在地: 千葉県松戸市金ヶ作

用途: 理髪店

Architect: Takashi Fujino / Ikimono Architects

General Contractors: Miyazawa construction Inc.

Design: 2005.7 - 2006.5

Construction: 2006.6 - 2006.9

Structure: Timber frame construction

Site area: 177.16㎡

Building area: 17.32 square meters

Floor area: 25.60 square meters

Address: Kanegasaku Matsudo-si Chiba Japan

Use: Barbershop

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