生物建築舎 概要


所在:370-0042 群馬県高崎市貝沢町323-1 MAP




スタッフ:森田達也 池田暉直

業務内容:建築設計 都市・環境計画 内装・家具意匠

代表 藤野 高志

1975.12 群馬県生まれ

1994.03 群馬県立高崎高校卒業

1998.03 東北大学工学部建築学科卒業

2000.03 東北大学大学院 都市・建築学 博士前期課程修了

2000.04 清水建設株式会社 本社設計本部

2001.10 はりゅうウッドスタジオ

2006.01 生物建築舎設立

2009.10 生物建築舎内に「育描箱」併設

2012-15 東北大学 非常勤講師

2012- 前橋工科大学 非常勤講師

2017- 東洋大学 非常勤講師

2017- 武蔵野大学 非常勤講師

2018- お茶の水女子大学 非常勤講師










2019.02 日本建築学会作品選集2019「園」

2019.02 日本建築学会作品選集2019「S市街区計画」(小野田泰明・髙橋一平と協働)

2018.05 LOCAL REPUBLIC AWARD「鹿手袋の物語」 入賞

2018.02 日本建築学会作品選集2018「貝沢の家」

2017.12 SDレビュー2017「鹿手袋の保育園」朝倉賞

2017.10 ウッドワン2017空間デザイン施工例コンテスト「グリッド」入賞

2017.02 日本建築学会作品選集2017「鹿手袋の長屋」

2016.10 広野町認定こども園整備事業基本設計委託事業プロポーザルコンペ 最優秀賞(関・空間設計と協働)

2015.02 日本建築学会作品選集2015「亀沢温泉家族風呂」

2014.02 日本建築学会作品選集2014「七つの庭のある住まい」

2014.02 日本建築学会作品選集2014「萩塚の長屋」

2013.06 NEW HOUSE 2014 COMPETITION ファイナリスト

2013.04 2013年日本建築学会作品選集新人賞

2013.02 日本建築学会作品選集2013「天神山のアトリエ」

2012.05 高崎市新斎場プロポーザルにて最終発表者(株式会社サン設計と協働)

2012.02 第32回 INAXデザインコンテスト 銅賞

2011.10 World's Coolest Offices 2011 ファイナリスト

2011.09 建築家のあかりコンペ 2011 2等優秀賞

2011.01 前橋市美術館プロポーザルコンペにて最終発表者 佳作(県設計,小阿瀬直氏と協働)

2010.07 元総社県営住宅整備事業プロポーザルコンペ 選外佳作(小阿瀬直氏と協働)

2009.11 サントリーミドリエデザインコンテスト2009 2等優秀賞

2009.09 群馬県中央児童相談所プロポーザルコンペにて最終発表者 2等優秀賞(小阿瀬直氏と協働)

2008.11 ArchiTV2008「写真と,建築」2等

2008.10 第35回日新工業建築設計競技 佳作

2006.11 ROOMS DESIGN PREMIO 2006 審査員特別賞隈研吾賞(林順孝氏と協働)

2000.10 6th. Digital Design Competition 1等最優秀賞(清水建設チーム協働)

1998.11 第25回日新工業建築設計競技 佳作

1998.08 角館木匠塾バス待合所実施コンペ 1等最優秀賞(東北大学チーム協働)

1997.12 第1回JIA東北建築学生賞 1等最優秀賞


Registration Number:No. 4422 / Gunma prefectural governor

Address:323-1 Kaizawa-machi Takasaki-si Gunma 370-0042 JAPAN


Staff:Tatsuya Morita, Akinao Ikeda

Business contents:Architectural design, Urban planning, Interior design, Writing

Takashi Fujino

1975.12 Born in Gunma, Japan

1994.03 Graduated from Takasaki High school

1998.03 Graduated from Department of Architecture, Tohoku University

2000.03 Completed the Master Course of Architecture, Tohoku University

2000.04 Worked at SHIMIZU Corporation

2001.10 Worked at HARYU WOOD STUDIO

2006.01 Established IKIMONO ARCHITECTS

2009.10 Established IKUBYOBAKO

2012-15 Teaching at Tohoku University

2012- Teaching at Maebashi Institute of Technology

2017- Teaching at Toyo University

2017- Teaching at Musashino University

2018- Teaching at Ochanomizu University

For design commission

The world surrounding us is moving and changing everyday. We propose the attractive architecture connecting with these ever-changing environment.

Who is interested in our philosophy, please feel free to contact us.

The design fee is as follows.

Newly construction: About 10%-20% of whole construction fee.

Renovation or interior design: About 20%-30% of whole construction fee.

Urban planning, furniture design or writing: Fee will decide after the meeting and by condition of project.

For employment or Internship

Our firm is located on Gunma, inland province of Japan, where many thunderstorms rumble during the summer night and extremely dry wind blows during the clear winter days. Although, where we live is not big city, there is dynamic, ever-changing environment around us.

We are seeking for creative individuals who are strong self-motivated, initiative, and has techniques for making models and using digital software.

If you are interested in joining IKIMONO ARCHITECTS, please send your portfolio and CV in Portable Document Format (PDF).

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Currently we have positions available for

・Junior Architect/ Designer, 0-2 years of experience

・Architect/ Designer , more than 2 years of experience



2019.02 Architectural Institute of Japan work selection 2019 SURROUNDED YARD

2019.02 Architectural Institute of Japan work selection 2019 S CITY BLOCK MASTER PLAN

2018.05 Winning a prize, LOCAL REPUBLIC AWARD The tale of Shikatebukuro

2018.02 Architectural Institute of Japan work selection 2018 House in Kaizawa

2017.12 Asakura Prize, SD Review 2017 Shikatebukuro Kindergarten

2017.02 Architectural Institute of Japan work selection 2017 Shikatebukuro Apartment

2017.10 Winning a prize,WOODONE2017 space design construction example contest GRID

2016.10 Grand Prize, Kindergarten in Hirono Town design competition

2015.02 Architectural Institute of Japan work selection 2015 Kamezawa family ONSEN

2014.02 Architectural Institute of Japan work selection 2014 House of Seven Gardens

2014.02 Architectural Institute of Japan work selection 2014 Static Quarry

2013.06 Finalist, NEW HOUSE 2014 competition

2013.04 Newcomer of the Year anthology work of Architectural Institute of Japan 2013

2014.02 Architectural Institute of Japan work selection 2013 Atelier Tenjinyama

2012.05 Finalist, Takasaki-shi new funeral parlor proposal competition

2012.02 Bronze Prize, The 32nd. INAX design contest

2011.10 Finalist, World's Coolest Offices 2011

2011.09 2nd prize, Architectural Lighting Design Competition 2011

2011.01 Finalist, Finest work, MAEBASHI Museum of Art proposal competition

2010.07 Honorable mention, MOTOSOUJA prefectural housing development project proposal competition

2009.11 2nd prize, 2009 SUNTORY midorie design contest

2009.09 Finalist, Finest work, child guidance center in GUNMA proposal competition

2008.11 2nd prize, ArchiTV2008「Photos and Architecture」

2008.10 Finest work, 35th. NISSHINKOGYO Architectural design competition

2006.11 Special Jury Prize Kengo Kuma award, ROOMS DESIGN PREMIO 2006

2000.10 Grand Prize, 6th. Digital Design Competition

1998.11 Finest work, 25th. NISSHINKOGYO Architectural design competition

1998.08 Grand Prize, KAKUNODATE MOKUSYOUJYUKU bus stop design competition

1997.12 Grand Prize, 1th JIA TOUHOKU architecture student award