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設計期間: 2007.7 - 2007.11

施工期間: 2007.11 - 2008.3

構造: 木造軸組構造

敷地面積: 360.58㎡

建築面積: 86.76㎡

延床面積: 162.70㎡

所在地: 群馬県高崎市上大類町

用途: アパートメント(3世帯)

Three single-family houses with the garden

In the case of a normal apartment, it is not a garden for exclusive use of oneself outside a window. It is often that a curtain closes as for the window, and life is introverted.

On the building called the "apartment" where unknown people live in jointly, I want them to open life. This work is an answer.

Like a figure, I establish the RC-wall dividing a site. I arrange a building in the middle of the site, and the wall penetrating a building divide a site into 3. Each becomes the exclusive garden, and 3 households live at ease. Because the height of the wall has 2M, they cannot look at the neighboring garden. A plane is complicated complicatedly in the inside of the building, and privacy between each household is secured.

The living person feels having totally got a single-family house with the garden. The garden front of the living room becomes the indoor extension, so they feel a blue sky and green near and are easy to come to open outside, and the relation between garden and resident become close.

The designer is worried "How do they live?" after having delivered a work. The apartment is different from a single-family house, and there is not the relation of a designer and the resident. But here, after delivery, a resident showed me the room.

The colorful life begins in the white wall, A clean but cold garden changes beautiful and kindly scene. A living of the opening is realized, and he has taken off even the provided curtain. Shown me the free lifestyle, I felt the resident is resonant with a building.

設計: 生物建築舎

企画: 株式会社TTA

施工: 有限会社 竜建

Copyright(c) IKIMONO ARCHITECTS All rights reserved

Architect: Takashi Fujino / Ikimono Architects

Planning: TTA Inc.

General Contractors: Tastsuken Inc.

Design: 2007.7 - 2007.11

Construction: 2007.11 - 2008.3

Structure: Timber frame construction

Site area: 360.58 square meters

Building area: 86.76 square meters

Floor area: 162.70 square meters

Address: Kamiohrui-machi Takasaki-si Gunma Japan

Use: Apartment