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白 の グ レ ー ジ ン グ White grazing









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Architect: Takashi Fujino / Ikimono Architects

Planning: ACT Inc.

General Contractors: Amada construction Inc. + Separate order

Design: 2008.12

Construction: 2008.12 - 2009.1

Structure: Reinforced concrete

exclusive area: 44.50 square meters

Address: Takasaki-si Gunma Japan

Use: Rental house

設計期間: 2008.12

施工期間: 2008.12 - 2009.1

構造: 鉄筋コンクリート構造

専有面積: 44.50㎡

所在地: 群馬県高崎市

用途: 賃貸住宅

設計: 生物建築舎

企画: 有限会社アクト

施工: 有限会社天田建設+分離発注

The narrow white line that is made by vertical window swings divides a domain in the room.

Because the trace of the brush was left thinly in this room, I saw it like a picture when I photographed it.

Finally, it turned into white other than the scenery outside the window, and a room became bright. I did a brush the old facilities machinery which I was not able to have made newly to show a color of the groundwork, so oldness is transparent appeared.

As for grazing of the oil painting, it is repeated a color as the last finish after a motif was completed. This interior decoration has an old room, I put to the surface a little by little. I wanted to give the atmosphere that covered the surface with white "glaze" not to cover the conventional room.

"Grazing " is one of the technique of the oil painting, how to paint to put semitransparent paint on a canvas, this technique is for fix the tone of the whole screen and give the transparency of the color.

I used the technique that resembled it and put light white on interior. I brushed white, an old concrete wall and a kitchen door which faded, a switchboard, the glass of the door carefully.

A project of renovation that one room of the existing steel reinforced concrete building.

The room hung glaze