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元 総 社 の 集 合 住 宅

2010年7月に行われた公開設計競技(選定委員長 渡辺真理)において選外佳作となった案.ここでは,新しい時代のコミュニティのあり方について,従来型の集合的な姿ではなく,相互にネットワークのように繋がりあう「静かなコミュニティ」という考え方を提示した.以下主旨.




Apartment house of Motosoja

In the public design competition (jury: Mr. Makoto Watanabe) that was performed in July, 2010, our works receive an honorable mention. About an ideal method of the community of the new times, I showed a way of thinking called "quiet community" that is connected mutually like a network, not a conventional collective figure.

There are many figures for the living of modern people, and it seems that diversification of the life will advance with aging in future. I thought about connection of the consciousness in the apartment house which original life is run each across the wall.

Other than positive community participation to gather in a meeting place and the open space, I suggest "quiet community" that dweller each other is passive connections felt the atmosphere of each dwelling unit somehow. I arranged "the personal garden" which was exclusive outdoor space to each dwelling unit. There is a quiet connection by "a personal garden" appearing for an instant from the various places, I wants you to bear the joint ownership awareness that "there is on the same ground".

In what is given the quiet community like this, there is not it in the house as the choice of the leftover under prefectural management, but I want this apartment to be the house where you want to live in positively as your final abode.

設計: 小阿瀬直建築設計事務所 + 生物建築舎

協力: 鈴木啓/ASA EOS+ コモレビデザイン 株式会社県設計 Maniackers Design 佐藤翔

設計期間: 2010.6 - 2010.7

主体構造: 壁式鉄筋コンクリート造+木造

建築面積: 3,851㎡

延床面積: 6,271㎡

計画地: 群馬県前橋市

用途: 集合住宅(県営)

Architect: Sunao Koase Ardhitect's Office + Ikimono Architects

Cooperation: Akira Suzuki / ASA EOS+ KOMOREBI DESIGN Agata design Inc. Maniackers Design Sho Sato

Design: 2010.6 - 2010.7

Structure: box frame type reinforced concrete construction + Wood structure

Building area: 3,851 square meters

Floor area: 6,271 square meters

Plan place: Maebasi-si Gunma Japan

Use: Apartment(prefectural)

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