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路 庭






Airy house

To scenery like the outside...

The thing which I wanted to realize here is the scenery which lives in a garden. Cafe that can enjoy one's meal slowly by space like the outside.

For instance, big window that passes by butterfly and bird and comes off, ground where flower blooms inside and outside, skylight makes a sunny place, sunlight trickling through the leaves is reflected in shirt of person who sat on the chair, in this way laughter is heard in the room like the outside.

Everything starts from consideration of client's "I want to connect with the outside" in this building. For the client with a long overseas life, the rest room without partition, the window of big transparency, space connected with the outside with shutter, these are device along the way of living and are architectural language that he has been experienced in youth. Moreover, also because the client is a specialist of metalworking, he made the stainless steel product such as the stairs, kitchen, and external eaves with oneself and the selection of the outside wall and the metallic part is also ideas of him in a stainless product.

The design is about six months. Even a little extra of the demand and the space is shaved off, and it becomes present shape. To achieve scenery like the outside, we are examining more volume of space than entire composition. Only simplicity like the one room and strength seemed to be more necessary for the space that confronts the outside of infinite area than faced to emphasize an internal story by the difference of the place and the device of the sequence. The importance is an area, height, and an opening of the salon connected with the outside, we examined while making and destroying model so have decided the final size.

I am intending it so that how to see it may change into the appearance seen from the outside. Steel deck using for an outer wall reflects the scenery of the circumference, so it turns into sky color in sunny, to red in sunset, to white in snowy. Externals become the gradations that lead from ground to the sky, and assimilate with the background. When it sees in from the window to the room, it sees also like the painting that entered the picture frame.

I would like everybody to love this construction forever until it comes to ground the big leaf shadow with small mimosa planted in the front yard.

設計: 生物建築舎

施工: キャピタルウッズ株式会社

設計期間: 2008.11 - 2009.5

施工期間: 2009.5 - 2009.10

構造: 木造軸組構法

敷地面積: 249.61 ㎡

建築面積: 119.24 ㎡

延床面積: 181.49 ㎡

用途: 店舗併用住宅

屋根: ガルバリウム鋼板 立ハゼ葺

外壁: キーストンプレート

Architect: Takashi Fujino / Ikimono Architects

General Contractors: Capital Woods Inc.

Design: 2008.11 - 2009.5

Construction: 2009.5 - 2009.10

Structure: Timber frame construction

Site area: 249.61 square meters

Building area: 119.24 square meters

Floor Area: 181.49 square meters

Use: Dwelling with shop

Roof: Galvalume steel plate roofing standing goby

Exterior: Keystone plate

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