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半 透 明 の 距 離 感 Semitransparent distance




The room which can operate a sense of distance

A renovation plan to the lease office of the existing multifamily housing. When I use limited space as a house and an office, It bring about various sense of distances in the room, and thought that could use it like the wide efficiency or the subdivided space.

It partition off each room fellow with semitransparent screen and can control a house hand for a sense of distance of the space. With semitransparent Twin-Carbo, an image disappears and appears, by two pieces of heap conditions. I am not seized with an existing plan, as a result of having constituted each room on a free plane, several pillars of the lightweight steel frame crop out. The pillar is combined with screen or a housing part, and it makes a shade and appearance and disappearance in white space and brings about various senses of distances.

設計: 生物建築舎

企画: 有限会社アクト

施工: 有限会社天田建設+分離発注

設計期間: 2009.5 - 2009.8

施工期間: 2009.8 - 2009.10

主体構造: 軽量鉄骨構造

専有面積: 44.18㎡

所在地: 群馬県高崎市

用途: 賃貸事務所

Architect: Takashi Fujino / Ikimono Architects

Planning: ACT Inc.

General Contractors: Amada construction Inc. + Separate order

Design: 2009.5 - 2009.8

Construction: 2009.8 - 2009.10

Structure: Light gauge steel structure

exclusive area: 44.18 square meters

Address: Takasaki-si Gunma Japan

Use: Rental office

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