KornilGuitars: Custom-Made Guitars Canada

Company "Kornil Guitars™" builds custom basses, archtops, and electric, acoustic and special guitars.

Founded by Igor Kornilov, a Winnipeg-based luthier, in 1983, the company has developed its own unique technologies, custom workshop tools and especial wood processing that made many professional guitarists around the world prefer Kornil Guitars™ instruments to factory-made ones.

Kornil Guitars™ instruments have been displayed in international musical instruments exhibitions and received high appraisals and recognition of both musicians and critique.

In 2007, "Kornil Guitars™" was awarded the Winnipeg Arts Council's and the Manitoba Arts Council's Grants.

Igor Kornilov lives and works in Winnipeg, Canada. 

Award-winning guitarist joins the Morning News to preview his upcoming show

Film "IGOR" by Soraya Ata

Igor's music: IgLa (CDs)

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