Hotel In A Box is a fully integrated finance and technology solution designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Until now enterprise accounting systems were only available to large corporate hotel brands and cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Utilizing advanced Microsoft Technology and Sage accounting software, users can access the system from anywhere with a computer, internet access, and Microsoft Remote Desktop for either PC or Mac. All information is stored in the cloud and automatically backed up to ensure 100% redundancy.

A suite of integrated solutions are available to create a unique configuration for each customer. Hotel staff can easily move information from Property Management, Point of Sale, Payroll and Banking systems with only a few clicks of the mouse. Advanced management reporting is also included using industry best practices.

The initial setup can be completed within three business days.

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For full details on Hotel In A Box please email or call 1 (604) 710-8649.


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Hotel In A Box is a product of Intuitive Hospitality Inc.