• 1st CCD (Computational Collective Dynamics) seminar We will hold a seminar on Oct. 18th. The lecture is Tomokatsu Onaga from Waseda Univ. His talk is about epidemic dynamics on temporal networks.
    投稿: 2018/10/02 23:43、ICHINOSE Genki
  • Participating in ALIFE 2018 I'm now participating in ALIFE 2018 held in Tokyo.
    投稿: 2018/07/23 8:08、ICHINOSE Genki
  • New preprint in arXiv Our new preprint about SIR epidemic model with biased random walk.
    投稿: 2018/07/03 22:41、ICHINOSE Genki
  • Launched our website! 研究室のWebページを公開しました.
    投稿: 2018/05/24 4:23、ICHINOSE Genki
  • Our paper got published in New J. Phys.! See
    投稿: 2018/05/21 8:23、ICHINOSE Genki
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