Sayyeda al-Kaslaania's Arts of the Middle Ages

Research into the art, culture, and social history of the Middle Ages.
    Explore the material goods and clothing of people in Cairo and Fustat in the year 1066.

Middle Eastern Food and Food Culture
    Explore recipes from the Middle Ages, adapted to modern kitchens.

European Arts and Food
    It's so easy to be infected by the excitement of your friends when they're geeking about their arts!

    Tunic pattern development for European or Middle Eastern in 1066. Opens a .pdf.

    A collection of the resources I use for my research. This will be updated periodically.

    Several resources that I have found related to the Medieval Middle East.

Image (upper left): Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris. Ms. Arabe 5847, fol. 58v, detail.