IDEE Meetings

Informal Discussions on Experimental Economics

IDEE meetings are platforms for all researchers in experimental and behavioral economics to informally discuss their research projects. The meetings are held monthly and usually have two 30-minute presentations. The discussion of experimental design and preliminary results is particularly welcome. The meetings are organized by the experimental group at the Department of Economics of the University of Bologna.

There is no specific presentation format, but presenters typically prepare slides.

For more information, to be included in the mailing list or to book a slot, please contact Monika Pompeo (

Next meeting

July 12, 2021 (12pm - 12,30 pm)

  • Tibor Neugebauer (University of Luxembourg): Uncertainty and Asset Prices: Stock Market “Puzzles” observed in an Experimental Production Economy (with Reinhard Selten & Julien Pénasse)

Location: Piazza Scaravilli, Room 33 (third floor) & MS Teams

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