The International Conference on Quanta and Mind (ICQM2018) was held at the Events Room at the J. Paul Leonard Library (LIB 121), San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Ave., San Francisco, California, from April 10th to 11th, 2018.

The goal of this conference was to provide an interdisciplinary forum for renowned scholars from different areas of knowledge, particularly physics and philosophy, to discuss quanta and mind. The conference focused on the possible connections between quantum mechanics and consciousness, such as how consciousness can help us with quantum mechanics, or how quantum mechanics can contribute to our understanding of consciousness.



Participants, from right to left: Otavio Bueno, Valia Allori, Giuseppe Vitiello, Ruth Kastner, Stan Klein, Menas Kafatos, Mathew Rappaport, George Weissman, Acacio de Barros, Henry Stapp, Olivia Stapp, David Presti, Cynthia Sue Larson, Kathy Laskey, Paul Skokowski, (unknown), Carlos Montemayor, Chris Cochran, Karla Galdamez, Tom Harrison.

Invited speakers:

  • Valia Allori (Philosophy, Northern Illinois University)

  • Harald Atmanspacher (Collegium Helveticum, ETH Zurich)

  • Petr Bob (Psychology, Charles University)

  • Otávio Bueno (Philosophy, University of Miami)

  • Leonardo Paulo Guimarães De Assis (Suppes Brain Lab, Stanford University)

  • Menas Kafatos (Physics, Chapman University)

  • John Perry (Philosophy, Stanford University)

  • Paul Skokowski (Symbolic Systems and Center for Explanation of Consciousness, Stanford University, and Oxford University)

  • Henry Stapp (Lawrence Berkeley Labs)

  • Giuseppe Vitiello (Physics, Università di Salerno)

Special session in honor of Henry Stapp:

This year marks Henry Stapp's 90th birthday. To observe this date and honor his work on the foundations of quantum mechanics, in particular with respect to interpretational issues and their relation to the mind, we will hold a special session in tribute to Stapp and his work. The following are speakers confirmed for this session.

  • Karla Galdamez (UC Berkeley)

  • Menas Kafatos (Physics, Chapman University)

  • Ruth Kastner (Philosophy, Excelsior College)

  • Stanley Klein (Vision Science, UC Berkley)

  • Kathy Laskey (Systems Engineering and Operations Research, George Mason University)

  • Cynthia Sue Larson (Realityshifters.com)

  • David Presti (Neurosciences, UC Berkeley)

  • George Weissman (independent researcher)

In the evening, those interested will meet in the restaurant Banana Island and join Henry Stapp for dinner. If you are interested in joining us for dinner (each participant will pay for their own expenses, as well as for their guests), please contact the organizers of the conference before April 7th, 2018.


The International Conference on Quantum Mechanics and the Mind was co-sponsored by the School of Humanities and Liberal Studies and the Department of Philosophy, San Francisco State University, as well as the Center for the Explanation of Consciousness, Stanford University.