Club History

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50th Anniversary Placemat

This placemat was used at the tables at our 50th anniversary dance on 3/18/2016. It shows all the club dresses Margie Sexsmith has in her possession from those 50 years.


Ichabod_Squares_History OCR1.pdf
1999-0911 Ichabods history.pdf

Ichabod Sweethearts

2019 Judy Tardie and Michael Nelson

2018 Lyn and John McKinney

2017 Cindy and Fritz von Coelln

2016 Dee and Brian Harmon

2015 Faith andRon Surprenant

2014 Koa and Louis Roinuse

2013 Frances Downs and Tom Morrow

2012 Evelyn and Bill Schirmer

2011 Judy and Pete Lech

2010 Paula and Dick Clement

2009 Jo Ann and Lloyd Schill

2008 Diana and Richard Bogucki

2007 Mary Lou and Willis Jackson

2006 Patricia and Fritz von Coelln

2005 Helen and Zane Sandusky

2004 Stephanie and Michael Sheehy

2003 Connie and Leo Paquin

2002 Norma and Van Wirta

2001 Pat Jokela and Furn Meehan

2000 Annemarie and Allan Meyers

1999 Pat and Tom Hamilton

1998 Vicki and Al Jordan

1997 Margie and Tommy Sexsmith