Other trips around Iceland

Since 1977 several groups and individuals have circumnavigated Iceland by kayak. Here is what I believe to be a complete list, with some references and links. Please let me know if you are aware of others! 
  • 1977 Nigel and Geoff. You can read Nigel's account of part of their trip in the book Raging Rivers Stormy Seas by Storry, Bailie and Foster, cover shown below.
  • 1986 John Bauman with the man he names only as Harry in his story of the journey, told as Icelandic Odyssey, in the book Seekers of the Horizon, a compilation of sea kayaking trips edited by Will Nordby 1989, cover below.
  • 2003 Chris Duff, Shawna Franklin and Leon Somme.
  • 2006 Rotem Ron completed the trip solo.
  • 2011 Riaan Manser and Dan Skinstad on a tandem kayak

Raging Rivers Stormy Seas
Seekers of the Horizon

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