Research Topics

TNTL studies electron transport in nanoscale systems theoretically with emphasis on spin related effects.

General research interest may be summarized as follows. 
  • Spin polarized transport
    • Spin transfer torque 
    • Spin motive force
    • Spin-orbit coupling effects
  • Quantum coherent transport and electron correlations 
    • Quantum interferometer in low dimensional systems
    • Luttinger liquid behaviors in quantum wires
Ongoing research activities are focused on
  • Spin-orbit coupling effects on spintronics
    • Spin-orbit coupling effects at heterojunction interfaces (Sang-Chan Lee & Mijin Ihm)
    • Roles of atomic orbital degree of freedom for spin-orbit coupling effects (Dongwook Go & Junghun Son)
    • Spin-orbit coupling effects on antiferromagnet spintronics (Suik Cheon)
    • Topological insulator & Weyl semimetal & nodal semimetal spintronics (SeungJu Shin)
    • 2D materials (Kyung-Han Kim)
    • Chiral dissipation
Possible future topics of interest (for new TNTL members) include
  • Magnon spintronics

Research Ideas (access allowed only to TNTL members)

Research Grants - Things to do
  • Spin-orbit torque enhancement through orbital degree of freedom
    • PI: Prof. Hyun-Woo Lee
    • Funding period: 2015.06.01. -- 2020.05.31. (5 years)
    • Funded by Samsung Science & Technology Foundation 
  • Center for Topological Matter
    • PI: Prof. Hu-Jong Lee (POSTECH)
    • Funding period: 2011.09.07. -- 2018.08.31. (7 years)
    • Funded through the Science Research Center Progrom by the National Research Foundation of Korea
    • Grant No: NRF 2011-0030046
  • Half-metal-based p-MRAM technology utilizing spin-orbit coupling
    • PI: Prof. Jongill Hong (Yonsei University)
    • Funding period: 2013.06.01. -- 2018.05.31. (5 years)
    • Funded through the R&D Program for Industrial Core Technology by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) of Korea
    • Grant No: MOTIE 10044723