Welcome to the Hundredth Town Chorus!

Singing with the Hundredth Town Chorus

Our name was chosen because Westborough was the 100th town incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The chorus was formed in 1949 by the Westborough Woman’s Club, as a way for women to connect through music. We are a vibrant and committed group of women who enjoy making music together. We give back to our community by taking music to those who cannot get out to attend cultural events. We perform in nursing homes, independent and assisted living facilities, and occasionally for civic and other groups to bring joy and enrichment to those who are often forgotten.

Our members come from all kinds of musical backgrounds. Some have formal training or play an instrument; others have less experience. Some read music, some don’t. Members have different learning styles; we welcome everyone and help them play to their strengths.

Check out our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page for further information. If you have additional questions that are not covered there, feel free to email us at HTC.chorus@gmail.com and someone will respond to your query. If you prefer phone calls to emails, you may call any of the leaders listed on the Contacts page.

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