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One of my biggest strengths in terms of teaching is that I am versatile. Not only can I teach traditional courses in contemporary and the history of moral/political philosophy, I can also teach methodological courses in formal political theory (viz. decision/game/social choice theory and mathematics for formal modeling) and philosophy of the social sciences (viz. philosophy of economics and philosophy of social scientific methodologies) at any level. I have plenty of teaching experience to reinforce my versatility. Here is a summary of my past teaching experience:

[Teaching Experience 강의 경험]

University of Rochester (as a Teaching Assistant)

· PSC 104 “Introduction to Political Philosophy” (for Abe Singer), Fall 2016

· PSC 407 “Mathematical Modeling” (graduate, 1st year formal theory sequence at Rochester) (for John Duggan), Fall 2016 (Click Here to access past syllabus)

University of Arizona (as Postdoctoral Fellow in Philosophy, Politics, & Economics, Full Responsibility)

· PHL 250 “The Social Contract” (history of political philosophy), Spring 2016 (Syllabus + Lecture Slide (on Rawls) + Exam (on Hobbes); Teaching Evaluations)

· PPEL 496 “PPEL Capstone Seminar” (interdisciplinary course in philosophy, politics, & economics), Fall 2015 (Syllabus and Sample Lecture Notes)

Rochester Institute of Technology (as Visiting Assistant Professor, Full Responsibility)

· PHIL 405 “Philosophy of the Social Sciences” (philosophy of economics). Spring 2015

· PHIL 103 “Critical Thinking” (informal/formal logic), Spring 2015

· PHIL 102 “Introduction to Moral Issues” (applied ethics), Fall 2014

· PHIL 202 “Foundations of Moral Philosophy” (introduction to ethical theory), Fall 2014

Cornell University (as Instructor, Full Responsibility))

· PHIL 1100 “Contemporary Moral Issues” (Freshman Writing Seminar), Fall 2011, Taught from the Knight Institute at Cornell University (Full responsibility)

Cornell University (as Teaching Assistant)

· PHIL 2860 “Science and Human Nature” (for Richard Boyd), Spring 2010. (Responsible for leading one weekly discussion section, grading papers and exams.)

· PHIL 3810 “Philosophy of Science” (for Richard Boyd), Fall 2009. (Responsible for setting up quizzes and grading exams. Substitute lecturer when instructor was away)

· PHIL 1100 “Introduction to Philosophy” (for Nicholas Sturgeon), Spring 2009. (Responsible for leading one weekly discussion section and grading papers and exams.)

· PHIL 3460 “Modern Political Philosophy” (for Richard Miller), Fall 2008. (Responsible for grading papers)

Seoul National University (as Teaching Assistant)

· “Practical Ethics” (for Kyung-Sig Hwang at Seoul National University) (Substitute lecturer when instructor was away)