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With 30 years of Human Resources experience, Linda Klingman can minimize your risk by avoiding costly lawsuits and government audits. She has accomplished this in the fields of healthcare, IT, banking, manufacturing, and private communities.

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Attracting Millennials to Your Business


Millennials are quickly changing the makeup of our workforce.   Born between 1981 and 2000, they make up 1/3 of today’s workforce.  Some estimates say that, with the retirement of Baby Boomers, the largest working group and the smaller population of Gen X (born from 1961-1980), Millennials will comprise 3/4 of the workforce by 2025!


We’ve all heard disparaging comments about Millennials – they feel entitled, hop from job to job, and can’t keep their faces away from their phones.  A more productive viewpoint is that they come with fresh perspectives and bring tech-savvy ideas.  They are more efficient.  Their communication arrives through blogs, Facebook, IM, and text messaging, on small computers that their elders refer to as cell phones.  Gen Y finds answers immediately and can move on to problem solving from the instant data.


Learn How To Manage a Millennial Workforce!
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Millennials are the future of your company, so it helps to know what they look for in employers.  First, they want to grow.  And that means leaving a job if it doesn’t provide the development that they crave.  Their average job tenure is two years.

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What is your company’s culture? Can employees and customers alike understand how your business differentiates itself from your competitors? If you do not know the answer to these questions, then you should read this article that discusses what company culture is and how you can build it.


What is Company Culture

Company culture is more important than your business strategy. Anyone can copy a strategy, but they can’t reproduce your culture. It’s yours alone, but it doesn’t just happen.


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 Helping High Performers Build Your Company

I recently read an article about “high speed, low drag” employees.  You know, the high talent performers who might even know more than you do.   Many managers are afraid of them because they think that high performers threaten their job security.

What would happen if someone smarter than you worked for you?  Hmm, could be threatening.  Could make you look less adequate.  Could ask too many questions and find out how insecure you are.  Could…could…could.

That worry is short-sighted.  Enough with the negatives.  Let’s talk about what a high performer can do for your organization.

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HRCoastal Can Help You Score A High Performer!
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A high performer challenges the status quo.  She asks, “Why do we do it this way?” and “Have you considered doing something else?”  It takes away your comfort zone, but she may also step up your game and suggest much needed improvements.  Because of her new way of looking at things, other employees might also step up their games and offer suggestions that they’ve shied away from mentioning earlier. B- players could become B or B+ players,  you have a more productive workforce.

Have you ever subjected your company to a Human Resources Audit? If you’re curious to find out what it is, read the article below. It sheds light on the topic and gives a number of things that are covered in a regular HR audit.

Human Resources Audit in Bluffton, SC

Human resource audits can give you a strategic advantage by taking an objective look at your HR policies, procedures and practices. A comprehensive review of your current practices can identify whether your practices or processes are legal and effective and identify gaps in HR practices.  You can then remedy the gaps and minimize lawsuits and regulatory violations, as well as gain competitive advantage.

Human Resource Consulting in Hilton Head Island

An audit also helps you avoid liability arising from your HR policies and practices. It identifies issues and finds solutions to problems before it’s too late and gives you an opportunity to assess your capabilities.

HRCoastal aims to create simple solutions for organizations of all sizes. We offer you our expertise and experience so you can accomplish your goals.

Call HRCoastal at 843-816-4985 to Schedule Your HR Audit Now!

Attracting Millennials to Your Business

 3 Ways in Communicating Your Company Culture


Human Resource Consulting Bluffton, SC Articles

The first step to building your company culture is writing your mission and vision statements, and determining the values that you want your employees to hold dear. Does your business have a clear mission, vision, and values statements?


Every business needs a mission statement. The mission explains why your company exists in clear, concise, useful language. Every business should have a mission statement to unify the organization.

The mission statement combines what your business does and how and why it does it, encompassing the values that are important to you. The “what” is direct. It explains what your business does, your purpose for being. The why gives an idea of what the customer will experience, like the difference between shopping at Walmart and Nordstrom’s.

Core Values

Intertwined with the what and why are your core values, which explain to your employees and customers how your company performs work and the qualities that are important to differentiate you from your competitors.


The vision statement describes the future position of your company and is used for internal decision making. It explains what your business hopes to be and achieve. The vision statement engages your employees, makes them more productive, because, when shared, gives them a sense of where they fit into the future of the company.

HRCoastal Is Here To Help Your Company

HRCoastal can facilitate a session where you will define your mission, vision, and values.  Then you can share them with your team and build a strong company culture.

We have had years of experience helping countless companies build their culture as well as train their workforce, avoid lawsuits or government audits, and many more.

We want to help your company, too!


Human Resource Consulting Bluffton, SC

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