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You can execute the following steps to create your Hulu account.

  • Open a new web browser and reach site on your

  • In that page, you will have to click Start Your Free Trial option

  • You will have to choose one plan from the list: Hulu, Hulu(No Ads). Hulu+Live TV, Hulu(No Ads + Live TV)

  • Next,provide your email ID that you are currently using and fill in all the private information.

  • Then select your Payment option; moreover, it can be Paypal method or credit card method.

  • Next, you will have to add your billing details and choose Submit.

  • In case if your eligible, there will be no charges for the free trial.

  • You are ready, and the Hulu account has been thus created.

  • Now you can sign in to your Hulu account using the credentials that were given during the account creation process.

Which device I should use?

As listed on Hulu’s website, Hulu and Hulu + Live TV are available on a wide range of popular streaming devices, including both Android and iOS devices, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablets, Google’s Chromecast devices, Android TV, Mac and PC browsers, select LG and Samsung smart TVs, the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch.

Some older platforms and devices, like the PlayStation 3, are still missing out on the full-fledged Hulu experience, and that’s unlikely to change as consumers are pushed to upgrade. Others stuck on Hulu’s Classic app (which does not allow for select features, including the live TV option) include select Vizio TVs, Wii U, TiVo, and some Blu-ray players from Sony, Samsung, and LG.

hulu activation code

The need for speed?

Hulu and Hulu + Live TV can be streamed at a variety of different quality levels, which will adjust automatically depending on your internet speed. For smooth, interruption-free playback, Hulu recommends a minimum download speed of 6 Mbps for Hulu in HD and 8 Mbps for Hulu + Live TV. If you are planning on streaming to multiple devices, more bandwidth will be required for a quality experience. Hulu also recently added limited 4K content back to its lineup, and you’ll need a well-oiled network to handle that.

The internet connection speed requirements for Hulu are as follows:

    • Standard Definition: 1.5Mbps

    • 720p HD: 3Mbps

    • 1080p HD: 6Mbps

    • Hulu + Live TV: 8Mbps

    • Ultra HD 4K: 16Mbps

Guide to avoid channel activation errors on Roku

If you are worried about the Hulu activation errors that pop up during Hulu channel activation we have a lot of troubleshooting tips.

    • It will be good if you double check the channel activation code or the page

    • Using the wireless option can offer you good speed

    • Try to restart the streaming device that you use for Hulu channel activation and this step will help you to avoid errors to a greater extent

    • In case if you come across any errors using the channel activation code, get a new code

    • If not we suggest to uninstall the app and install it again

Getting Started With Hulu –

Hulu is a worldwide famous streaming service that brings people many TV shows and movies. It is in joint-ventures with big names like ABC, Fox, PSB, NBC, etc. Hulu was launched in the year 2007 and Los Angeles, California serves as the place for its headquarters. If you want to install the Hulu channel on your smart TV box scroll down to the steps given below.

Adding the Hulu Channel on Your Smart TV Box

Before activating the, users need to add the Hulu channel to their smart TV box from the Google Play store. The Google Play store in the marketplace to install each and every app that a user wants. In order to add the Hulu channel app from the Google Play store:

  • Turn on your smart TV box device.

  • Go to the device menu.

  • Select Google Play Store

  • On the Gooogle Play store, enter the ‘Hulu’ channel name in the search bar.

  • Once the Hulu app page loads on the Play Store, select the ‘Install’ option.

  • Go back to the home screen and launch the Hulu channel app to receive the code.

The Hulu channel app is successfully activated on your smart TV box and you are just a few steps away from activating the Hulu channel.

Activating Hulu on Smart TV Box

In order to activate the Hulu channel on your smart TV box ensure that you have received the Hulu activation code. After receiving the activation code, follow the steps given below:

  • To activate the Hulu channel app, you will require a device with working internet connection and a web browser installed.

  • Get on your PC, mobile or tablet with a working internet connection and launch any web browser like Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

  • Visit and login or create a new Hulu account. You can also log in via Facebook.

  • Enter the Hulu activation code from your TV screen.

The process to activate a device

Relevant steps are detailed below for the process of www hulu com activate on a device.

  • Start by entering the code correctly to the required field and proceed with a click on the option ‘Activate’ for www hulu com activate activation.

  • Then. within the time period of 25 to 30 seconds, the device will activate successfully to be utilised with the account and activate its subscriptions.

The process to manage a device.

To proceed further with the management of devices on Hulu, read the instructions laid down.

  • Start by clicking on the option ‘Manage Your bookings’, to manage the Hulu devices.

  • Selection of deactivating a synchronised device with www hulu com account to activate is granted to any and all devices. With a tap on the icon ‘Remove’ located to the side of the device from the list displayed in the screen.

  • Lastly, you will be logged out from all the devices that were connected to the Hulu device and hence, you will be logged out of the account page.

  1. Finally, a message will be promoted indicating that the Hulu services have been activated successfully.

This, with the help of the above-mentioned method www hulu com activate activation can be performed. Note that the www hulu com activate code cannot be accessed for mobile devices of all types and devices and also Tv-connected devices through In such a case, log in to the Hulu account by providing correct details of email id and password to activate Hulu.