About Me

I am a Ph.D. candidate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the area of Accounting and Finance, entering my fifth year of doctoral studies.

My primary research interest is auditing and secondary is financial accounting. 
I focus on the interaction of auditors and capital market. Auditors’ services can be value-enhancing to their clients by interacting with other capital market participants. My job market paper investigates the interaction of hedge fund activism and auditors. I argue and find that activist hedge funds demand more effort from incumbent auditors and improve information quality. The improvement of information quality is through revealing financial reporting vulnerabilities and changing financial personnel. In a secondary stream, I have interest in tax avoidance and earnings management. In one paper I find that peer firms use tax avoidance as strategic reactions to competitive pressure. I posit and find that tax avoidance can serve as financing strategy as well as earnings management strategy.

With my education background and industry experience in Accounting, I am passionate at passing my knowledge to accounting students. I advocate interactive and experiential learning approach and spark students' interest in the Accounting profession.

In my spare time, I enjoy family activities with my two daughters
. I am also active at working out - running 5K and swimming.