As of 2/12/17 Lincoln County is under a Stage 2 Fire Ban.

 Lincoln County Fire districts are now on LEVEL 2 BURN RESTRICTION. Meaning, you may burn household trash in an approved container that is 10 feet from any other flammable material. ANY other burns must be approved by the Sheriff and the Fire Chief. This is considered temporary right now and may change if weather patterns don't continue giving moisture.

Any questions please call your local fire chief or the Sheriff.

To read the full Ordinance -

Hugo Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance provides fire, rescue, and emergency medical treatment and transport services to the citizens of Hugo, Colorado and the surrounding area.

Our yearly Prime Rib dinner will be next May 12, 2018. We would like to thank everybody who came out to support us this year.

Due to the high "fuel loading" of dry flora and tumbleweeds, please be careful with open flames and while performing any controlled burning activities.  The Hugo VFD does advise those conducting a controlled burn to contact the Lincoln County Sheriff dispatch and advise them of such activities.
The Hugo VFD has "Supporter" caps for sale in Dark Blue and Camo.  Contact any member or the department via e-mail through the website if you would like to purchase a cap. 

The Hugo VFD and the town of Hugo completed and ISO inspection in August 2016. This inspection indicates the fire depts. capabilities for fighting strucure fires. We are proud to announce that we lowered our rating to a 4/4Y. This rating puts us in the top 25% of fire departments in the United States. We strongly recommend that you contact your local insurance agency to see if this will help to lower your insurance premiums.

TIP OF THE MONTH: Check your Smoke Alarms, when you change the Clocks!

Most fatal fires occur at night. Every home needs working smoke alarms to provide an early warning.
Install smoke alarms in all sleeping rooms, hallways that lead to sleeping areas, basements and each additional
level of your home. Smoke alarms should be mounted on the ceiling 4” from the wall; wall mounts should be 4-12” from the ceiling. Do not install near draft areas (windows, vents). 

A good time to remember to check your smoke alarm and change the batteries is when you change your clocks twice a year as daylight savings time begins and ends.