1930's books


The Twilight of Magic (Stokes & Cape 1930) illustrated by

Lois Lenski is set in Medieval history, the story

chronicles the childhood search of brother and sister,

Giles and Anne for proof of magic. It is a time in

history when the boundaries between infant science

and the supernatural are blurred and it is here that

Giles and Anne meet Agnes the Applewoman and her

Whispering Shell. 

Gub-Gub's Book, An Encyclopaedia of Food  (Stokes & Cape

1932). The frontispiece of the book introduces "An Encyclopaedia

of Food in Twenty volumes", going on to explain that "Prof. Gub-

Gub Announces that owing to the high cost of living the other 19

volumes of this GREAT WORK have been Temporarily



Doctor Dolittle's Return (Stokes 1933 & Cape 1934) it was the

first Doctor Dolittle book in five years. 'Doctor Dolittle in the Moon'

was supposed to be the last book but, as with Conan Doyle over

Holmes, he relented under pressure to write a new story. The

tone is lighter and more comic than the last book and is the

shortest book since the first one.


Doctor Dolittle's Birthday Book (F. A. Stokes Co. New York,

1935) each day of the year specified with two to a page, pink end

papers with white stars. The book shown is the US edition there

does not appear to have been a British edition.



We are left with more questions than answers and it is this very approach which sets The Twilight of Magic apart from many other children's books of its day. The message that Hugh Lofting imparts with this unique story however is that magic is to be found all around us.
The book takes the form of a Scheherazade story, with chapters unfolding evening by evening. As Gub-Gub deals patiently with his raucous animal friends, they are drawn into his world and find out such vital information on the food map as where Alfred burnt the cakes. A book readable by adults as well as children.

Tommy, Tilly and Mrs Tubbs (Stokes 1936 & Cape 1937) illustrated by Lofting in colour and black & white, full page illustrations as well as some in the text.