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  • Sovereign Debt Restructuring: Delays in Renegotiation and Risk-Averse Creditors (with Tamon Asonuma), Forthcoming, Journal of the European Economic Association, PDF SSRN

Working Paper
  • Sovereign Debt Overhang, Expenditure Composition, and Debt Restructuring (with Tamon Asonuma), July 2019, submitted (PDF),
  • News, Fiscal Policy, and Sovereign Default Risk (PDF Old version. Revised version coming soon)
  • Signaling Role of Sovereign Debt Issuance (with Yoon-Jin Lee and Young-Ro Yoon) (PDF, available upon request)
  • Sovereign Default Risk, Fiscal Adjustment and Debt Renegotiation (PDF Old version, New version coming soon)

Work in Progress

  • Fiscal Analysis of Sovereign Debt and Default (with Tamon Asonuma and Jing Zhang)
  • Political Uncertainty and Crisis Resolution: Theory and Evidence on Sovereign Defaults (with Tamon Asonuma and Christoph Trebesch)
  • Foreign Reserve Management and Sovereign Debt Crisis (with Tamon Asonuma)
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