The principle of how the thermal water heaters work.

Thermal Heather


  My name is Evelyn, I'm 16 and i attend Harmony science academy. I have two dogs named Sofia and Aldo. Sofia is a full breed Labrador who is very playful. Aldo is a chihuahua, he's a lazy dog that that sleeps in the noon and begs my mom to make him the last egg in the fridge in the morning (Yes on a good day my mom cooks him an egg). I am an AB student and try to at least make it to a the city wide science fair, but my goal state wide science fair. Another one of my goals is A honor roll.

    I attend a charter school called harmony science Academy, one of many that are located in Texas. My school is known for having good science and engineering programs and we were rated in some of the top ranks of schools.My school pushes the limits in academics. Some of my teachers are from other cultures and that widens my school up with people it allows us to know more people.I enjoy my school a lot and i like all my teachers and all my classes.


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Evelyn Holguin,
Mar 11, 2013, 4:36 PM