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Invited Peer-Reviewed Submission

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Large-Scale HPC Monitoring: Experiences and Recommendations

V. Ahlgren, S. Andersson, J. Brandt, N. P. Cardo, S. Chunduri, J. Enos, P. Fields, A. Gentile, R. Gerber, M. Gienger, J. Greenseid, A. Greiner, B. Hadri, Y. (Helen) He, D. Hoppe, U. Kaila, K. Kelly, M. Klein, A. Kristiansen, S. Leak, M. Mason, K. Pedretti, J-G. Piccinali, J. Repik, J. Rogers, S. Salminen, M. Showerman, C. Whitney, and J. Williams

(ALCF, USA; CSC, Finland; CSCS, Switzerland; HLRS, Germany; KAUST, Saudia Arabia; LANL, USA; NCSA, USA; NERSC, USA; ORNL, USA; SNL, USA; Cray, USA)

Modeling Expected Application Runtime for Characterizing and Assessing Job Performance

O. Aaziz, J. Cook, and M. Tanesh (NMSU, USA)

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Improving Power Efficiency Through Fine-Grain Performance Monitoring in HPC Clusters

A. Mazouz and M. Stoffel (Bull Atos Technologies, France)

Characterizing Supercomputer Traffic Networks Through Link-Level Analysis

S. Jha, J. Brandt, A. Gentile, Z. Kalbarczyk, and R. Iyer (UIUC, USA; SNL, USA)

A Big Data Analytics Framework for HPC Log Data: Three Case Studies Using the Titan Supercomputer Log

B. H. Park, Y. Hui, S. Boehm, R. Ashraf, C. Engelmann, and C. Layton (ORNL, USA)

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Session 3:

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14:55 - 15:00

Federating XDMoD to Monitor Affiliated Computing Resources

J. Sperhac, B. Plessinger, J. Palmer, R. Chakraborty, G. Dean, M. Innus, R. Rathsam, N. Simakov, J. White, T. Furlani, S. Gallo, R. Deleon, M. Jones, C. Cornelius and A. Patra (CCR SUNY at Buffalo, USA)

Interactive Panel Featuring an author from each paper (TBA)

Discussing topics and issues of the panelists and audience

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