I bought a 16500B logic analyzer on ebay. While this is an older unit, and no longer sold, Agilent still has a lot of information on it:

16500B Logic Analysis System Mainframe [Obsolete]

Even the firmware is available at that link.

The HP16500B is the first mainframe from HP which supports DOS formatted disks and has a harddisk built in in DOS format.  It does NOT run DOS, as this is a Motorola 68K based device, and not an Intel 8088 PC.
It also supports the legacy LIF 720K formatted disks, it's actually the first Mainframe supporting both.

It came reasonably complete, with a 2 16555A Logic analyzer boards, and one 16515A board, and a 16500H Network interface.

I was also able to obtain a HP 16505A Computer, but haven't hooked them up yet.