Geology & Astronomy

Homework/Projects= 30%

Participation= 10%

Assessment= 50%

Final Exam= 10%

Monday, March 5th-Staff Meeting,  Chromebooks, About you "Note Card"
Sink Challenge,

Tuesday, March 6th-
Write out ideas on why we have seasons and moon phases and discuss as a group and share, 
Come up with group explanations on why the moon looks the way it does throughout the month,

Wednesday, March 7th-
 Snow Day

Thursday, March 8th-
Match Moon Phases Activity, 
Spin with the basketball around the projector. 
atch Harvard video
Walk around the year with the globe for axis visual, Veratisium Season's Misconception, 
 Seasons Pictures

Friday, March 9th-
, Work on Moon Phase pictures and include Moon facts (rev./rot) and MR and MS for each phase.

Monday, March 12th- How Far Away is the Moon?   
Christmas Moon Article; Conan Moon, 
Seasons Picture

Tuesday, March 13th-
How Long Does is Take for the Earth to Go Around the Sun?
What is a day? Work on Explanations as a group. 
Share Day ideas to class, explain 
Sidereal vs Solar Days,

Wednesday, March 14th- PSC, 
Maine Tide Power Point,Tide Brainstorm and Explanation,

Thursday, March 15th-
Crash Course Tides,
Watch Interstellar Tide Video 1:47-1:51 mute, 2:25 mute, 
Work time for quiz, 

Friday, March 16th-
Astronomy Quiz #1, Read Chapter 7 of Death By Black Hole and answer the questions on the stream, 
Astronomy Vocab and Questions #2- Quiz onThursday, April 29th

Monday, March 19th- Go over Quiz, Go over Ch. 7 Reading, 
Astronomy vs. Astrology, 

Tuesday, March 20th- Equinox Day, Finish 
 Earth Round?, 
Start Search for life and Earth Flat. Continue on with Famous Astronomers NotesFamous Astronomers FITB, Read Chapter 5 Stick in the Mud Science

Thursday, March 22nd- Share Why Earth is Round, Learn how to use Your Sky, Introduce Planets Powerpoint, 

Friday, March 23rd-Solar System Walk, Chapter 13 in Book,

Monday, March 26th-MTSS Sub Day, Finish Reading Ch. 13, Answer Chapter 13 Questions, Work on  Planet Presentation- Present Tuesday

Tuesday, March 27th-Planet Presentation

Friday, March 30th-Spring Break


Monday, April 2nd-Spring Break
Tuesday, April 3rd-Spring Break
Wednesday, April 4th-Spring Break
Thursday, April 5th-Spring Break
Friday, April 6th-Spring Break

Monday, April 9th- Staff Meeting, Read Chapter 29, Tunguska Event.

Wednesday, April 11th- Testing, 

Thursday, April 12th- Testing, Star/Constellation Assignment, Star Crash Course and Nuclear Fusion

Friday, April 13th- Review, Star/Constellation Assignment, Read Chapter 6 in Book

Monday, April 16th-P/T Conference, Apollo 13, Saturn Rocket,

Tuesday, April 17th- Apollo 13

Wednesday, April 18th- Apollo 13

Thursday, April 19th- PSC, Sub Day, Astro Vocab and Quiz #3,

Friday, April 20th-Apollo 13, 
Why should we or shouldn't we, explore space discussion in groups and then 10 minutes independent research;
 Why go to Space?Why Study Space?Watch Lucky 13: The Astronaut's Story, Astronomy Test Review,

Monday, April 23rd- Impact Meeting, Red Shift/Blue Shift Assignment

Tuesday, April 24th- Orion Star Brightness, Sun Spots Outside

Wednesday, April 25th- Science Meeting, Finish Apollo Space History Movie

Thursday, April 26th-Review

Friday, April 27th- Astronomy Test

Monday, April 30th- Men of Rock Video 

Tuesday, May 1st- Outside Rock Hunt

Wednesday, May 2nd- PSC, Finish Men of Rock, Create Rock Cycle Picture

Thursday, May 3rd- Astronomy Retest,  Chapter 22 Questions

Friday, May 4th- Minerals, Minerals Blank Sheet

Monday, May 7th- Talk Hawaii, Cobalt Mines, Match Minerals up with Google Form, Share Ch. 22 Questions

Tuesday, May 8th- Share videos on Hawaii, Practice Mineral Quiz, Work with groups on identifying rocks as Igneous(extrusive or intrusive), Metamorphic (folitated or nonfoliated), Sedimentary (clastic, chemical, or organic), work on Ch. 22 Questions

Wednesday, May 9th- Share videos on Hawaii, Practice Mineral Quiz, Work with groups on identifying rocks as Igneous(extrusive or intrusive), Metamorphic (folitated or nonfoliated), Sedimentary (clastic, chemical, or organic), work on Ch. 22 Questions

Thursday, May 10th- Practice Rock Quiz. Practice Mineral Quiz, Work with groups on identifying rocks as Igneous(extrusive or intrusive), Metamorphic (folitated or nonfoliated), Sedimentary (clastic, chemical, or organic), work on Ch. 22 Questions

Friday, May 11th- Take Mineral Quiz, Start Dante's Peak, Practice Rock Quiz

Monday, May 14th- Dante's Peak, Practice Rock Quiz, Guatemala Pictures

Tuesday, May 15th- Dante's Peak, Rock Quiz

Wednesday, May 16th- Seniors Final, Ch 22 Quiz

Thursday, May 17th- Geology Vacations

Friday, May 18th- Men of Rock Part 2 (first half of video)

Monday, May 21st-Men of Rock 2 (second half of video), Yellowstone/Ashfalls/Calderas/Guatemala Photos, Famous Scientists

Tuesday, May 22nd- Geology Vacations, Famous Scientists

Wednesday, May 23rd-Relative Dating and Geologic Time Scale

Thursday, May 24th-Guatemala Mining, Guatemala Volcano

Monday, May 28th-
Tuesday, May 29th-
Wednesday, May 30th-
Thursday, May 31st-Science Meeting
Friday, June 1st-

Monday, June 4th-
Tuesday, June 5th-
Wednesday, June 6th-
Thursday, June 7th-
Friday, June 8th-

Homework/Projects= 40%
Tests= 30%
Quizzes= 15%
Final Exam= 15%

Monday, Nov. 20th- Note Card, Why are you taking this course and what do you hope to learn, Planets Quiz Practice, Prequiz,

Monday, Nov. 27th- Bali Volcano Discussion,  Discussion, 
Why should we or shouldn't we, explore space discussion in groups and then 10 minutes independent research; DBBH Reading

Tuesday, Nov. 28th- Solar System Hike
Take first recording of lamp post.

Wednesday, Nov. 29th- PSC Day, Write out ideas on why we have seasons and moon phases and discuss as a group and share, Astronomy Vocab and Questions #1, Read

Thursday, Nov. 30th-
Come up with group explanations on why the moon looks the way it does throughout the month, Start 
watch Harvard video,  
, Read

Friday, Dec. 1st-Finish 
Moon Phase worksheet, Label Sunrise and Sunset,
Spin with the basketball around the projector. 

Monday, Dec. 4th-
Walk around the year with the globe for axis visual, Veratisium Season's Misconception, Match Moon Phases Activity,  
Finish Moon Phase worksheet;
What is a day? Work on Explanations as a group. 

Tuesday, Dec. 5th- PSC Day  Share Day ideas to class, explain 
Sidereal vs Solar Days,

Wednesday, Dec. 6th-  
Explain Tides, 
Watch Interstellar Tide Video 1:47-1:51 mute, 2:25 mute, 
Work time for quiz

Thursday, Dec. 7th-Astronomy Quiz #1, 
Tide Pictures WS, due Tuesday, Heliocentric vs. Geocentric

Friday, Dec. 8th-
 Go over Quiz,

Monday, Dec. 11th-Continue on with

Tuesday, Dec. 12th- Read, FinishSolar/Lunar Eclipse Pictures, Turn both sets of pictures in.  Time to work on Astronomy Vocab and Questions #2,

Wednesday, Dec. 13th-Go over Geminid Meteor Showers; Armageddon Trailer,
Talk about Russian Meteorite, Near Earth Object Program,
Shooting Star Pictures,

Thursday, Dec. 14th- Snow Day

Friday, Dec. 15th- Finish Shooting Star Pictures, Tunguska Event.Circumpolar, How Far Away is the Moon?How Long Does is Take for the Earth to Go Around the Sun?

Monday, Dec. 18th- Finish Famous Scientist Notes, Solar System NotesSolar System Notes FITB

Tuesday, Dec. 19th-Start Search for life Presentation. 

Wednesday, Dec. 20th- Read, Present on Search for Life.  Work on book questions and vocab

Thursday, Dec. 21st-Solstice Day, 
Longest Day of the year tomorrow!!!December Day
Astronomy Quiz #2, 

constellations,Orion Day, Space History Notes, Pass Out

Monday, Jan. 8th- Staff Meeting, Read, Continue with 

Tuesday, Jen. 9th-Read, 
Research Voyager,

Thursday, Jan. 11th-PSC Day, Planet Presentation

Friday, Jan. 12th-Apollo 13, Saturn Rocket,

Monday, Jan. 15th- Apollo 13

Tuesday, Jan. 16th- Apollo 13, 

Wednesday, Jan. 17th-Apollo 13, Watch Lucky 13: The Astronaut's Story, Work on Astro Vocab/Questions #3, Meteor over Michigan!

Friday, Jan. 19th- Astro Vocab and Questions #3 Quiz, Astronomy Test Review,

Monday, Jan. 22nd-Crash Course Black Holes,

Tuesday, Jan. 23rd-Review

Wednesday, Jan. 24th- 1/2 Day PD Day, Review

Thursday, Jan. 25th-Earthrise Video, Review

Friday, Jan. 26th- Astronomy Test  

Monday, Jan. 29th- Impact Meeting, Work on Astronomy Retest, 

Tuesday, Jan. 30th-Geology Vacation Project,

Wednesday, Jan. 31st- Rock Cycle Picture, Continue working on Geology Vacation Project

Thursday, Feb. 1st- Geologic Time Scale, Talk about mineral size formation taking place quickly or slowly. Geology Vacation Project

Friday, Feb. 2nd-Talk about Intrusive vs Extrusive and merger of oceanic and continental crust with volcano formation, Geologic Time Scale, Work on Vacation Project

Monday, Feb. 5th-Snow Day

Tuesday, Feb. 6th- Geologic Time Scale, Work on Vacation Project, Contact a Scientist

Wednesday, Feb. 7th- Geology Vocab, Contact a Scientist, Work on Vacations,

Thursday, Feb. 8th-Contact a Scientist,

Friday, Feb. 9th- Snow Day, 

Monday, Feb. 12th- Present Vacations

Tuesday, Feb. 13th-1/2 Day PD, Present Vacations

Wednesday, Feb. 14th- Famous Scientists

Thursday, Feb. 15th- Michigan Geology, Dante's Peak, Second Geologic Scale File, Dante's Peak Article

Friday, Feb. 16th- Vocab Quiz 1-23, Dante's Peak

Monday, Feb. 19th- Dante's Peak

Tuesday, Feb. 20th-Mineral IDMineral Article,
Wednesday, Feb. 21st- PSC Day
Thursday, Feb. 22nd-
Friday, Feb. 23rd- No School

Monday, Feb. 26th- Impact Meeting
Tuesday, Feb. 27th- Tsunami Video  10:13-14:44, 17:20-39
Wednesday, Feb. 28th- 5th Macro Exam
Thursday, March 1st- 1st and 2nd Macro Exam
Friday, March 2nd- 3rd and 4th Macro Exam

Homework/Projects= 35%
Tests= 30%
Quizzes= 20%
Final Exam= 15%

Monday, Nov. 28th- Info Note Card, Why are you taking this class? Prequiz, Directions Homework,  Calvin College Lunar Sample, Free Reception Tonight from 7-9pm, more details here
Tuesday, Nov. 29th-Hand out Books,  TMBG Planets,  Solar System Hike, Join Remind Updates by texting @4ckea to the number 81010

Wednesday, Nov. 30th- Read/discuss, Write out ideas on why we have seasons and moon phases and discuss as a group and share, watch Harvard video.  Take first recording of lamp post.

Thursday, Dec. 1st- Read/discuss Ch. 1, Come up with group explanations on why the moon looks the way it does throughout the month. Spin with the basketball around the projector.

Friday, Dec. 2nd- Read/discuss Ch. 2, What is a day? Sidereal vs Solar Days

Monday, Dec. 5th- Read Discuss Ch. 3, Scale of Universe,

Tuesday, Dec. 6th-Scale of UniverseHubble Deep Field Video Deep Field Location, Try out Chromebooks

Wednesday, Dec. 7th-Start working on Moon Phase worksheet, How Earth Moves Vsauce Day,  Go outside to measure lamp post. Get Chromebooks set.

Thursday, Dec. 8th-Finish Moon Phase worksheet, Explain Tides,  Read Discuss Ch. 4,

Friday, Dec. 9th-Finish Moon Pictures, Complete Tide Pictures, Watch Crash Course Tides, Reading quiz,

Monday, Dec. 12th-Snow Day

Tuesday, Dec. 13th-Read Discuss Ch. Read Discuss Ch. 5 and 6, Astro Vocab and Questions #2-quiz over this next Friday,

Wednesday, Dec. 14th-Read Discuss Ch. 7,  gets files set for class log and DBBH

Thursday, Dec. 15th-Snow Day

Friday, Dec. 16th-Christmas Moon Article matching moon phasesWatch Interstellar Tide Video 1:47-1:51 mute, 2:25 mute, Famous Astronomers Notes

Monday, Dec. 19th-Read Discuss Ch. 8; Shooting Star; Talk about Russian Meteorite, Near Earth Object Program, and Tunguska Event.

Tuesday, Dec. 20th-Read Discuss Ch. 9, Shooting Star Pictures, Shooting Star Video

Wednesday, Dec. 21st-Read Discuss Ch. 10, Circumpolar constellations,December Day, Orion Day, Space History Notes, 

Thursday, Dec. 22nd-  Sci Fi Holiday Movies!, Astro Quiz #2

Tuesday, Jan. 3rd- Read and Discuss Chapter 13 (go back and read Ch. 11 and 12 if you finish early), watch videos: Earth to Moon Comparison, Astronauts Weightless, Vomit Comet, Extra G Forces

Wednesday, Jan. 4th-Read Discuss Ch. 14, Space History Notes, Read/Discuss Ch.

Thursday, Jan. 5th-Read Discuss Ch. 15, Space History Notes

Friday, Jan. 6th-Read Discuss Ch. 16, Work on Ch. 28 Vocab/Questions

Monday, Jan. 9th- Staff Meeting, Read Discuss Ch. 17 Apollo 13

Tuesday, Jan. 10th- Snow Day

Wednesday, Jan. 11th-Read Ch. 18, Apollo 13

Thursday, Jan. 12th- Snow Day

Friday, Jan. 13th- Apollo 13

Monday, Jan. 16th- P/T Conferences, Read Chapter 19

Tuesday, Jan. 17th- Snow Day

Wednesday, Jan. 18th- P/T Conferences, Watch Lucky 13: The Astronaut's Story, Read Ch. 20

Thursday, Jan. 19th-Read Chapter 21, Work on Ch. 28 book questions

Friday, Jan. 20th- Read Chapter 22, Work on Ch. 28 book questions

Monday, Jan. 23rd-Read Chapter 23, Work on Ch. 28 book questions

Tuesday, Jan. 24th-Chapter 28 Book Quiz, Read Chapter 24, Constellation Assignment

Wednesday, Jan. 25th- 1/2 Day, Work on Constellation Assignment, Read DBBH

Thursday, Jan. 26th-  Work on Constellation Assignment, Read DBBH

Friday, Jan. 27th- Pep Assembly,  Work on Constellation Assignment, Read DBBH

Monday, Jan. 30th- Impact Meeting,  Red/Blue Shift Assignment, Read DBBH

Tuesday, Jan. 31st- Red/Blue Shift Assignment, Read DBBH

Wednesday, Feb. 1st- Watch Apollo 13 Extra on Space history, study, Red/Blue Shift Assignment

Thursday, Feb. 2nd- Review for test

Friday, Feb. 3rd- Test

Monday, Feb. 6th- 8th Grade Parent Night, Read DBBH, Go over low test scores, Why go to Space?Why Study Space?, Conan and Tyson Moon-Old, Conan and Tyson Moon- New, Buzz/Conan, Conan H2O,  Earth Formation/Big Bang,

Friday, Feb. 5th- Read, Review, Crash Course Milky Way, Where did our water come from?Crash Course Black Holes, Finish Apollo 13 extra.
Tuesday, Feb. 7th-
Wednesday, Feb. 8th-
Thursday, Feb. 9th-
Friday, Feb. 10th-MSU, Volcano Video, Read Death By Black Hole, Naica Crystal Caves, Ring of Fire Doc.
Monday, Feb. 13th-Van Andel
Tuesday, Feb. 14th-
Wednesday, Feb. 15th- 1/2 Day
Thursday, Feb. 16th-
Friday, Feb. 17th- Ted Ed Uniformitarianism
Monday, Feb. 20th-
Tuesday, Feb. 21st-
Wednesday, Feb. 22nd-
Thursday, Feb. 23rd- Test
Friday, Feb. 24th-No School
Monday, Feb. 27th-Impact Meeting
Tuesday, Feb. 28th-
Wednesday, March. 1st- 5th Macro Exam
Thursday, March 2nd- 1st and 2nd Macro Exam
Friday, March 3rd- 3rd and 4th Macro Exam

Geology and Astronomy Class Evaluation ‎[Geology & Astronomy Class Review]‎

60 days, 3 exam days

Monday, Nov. 30-Info Note Card, Hand out Books, Why are you taking this class? Prequiz, Directions Homework,  Reading and questions- First reading quiz on Friday over

Tuesday, Dec. 1st- Work on Reading and Vocab, watch astronomy video

Wednesday, Dec. 2nd- TMBG Planets, Hubble Deep Field Video   Deep Field Location  , Circumpolar constellations, misconceptions seasons and moon discuss as a group and share, watch Harvard video

Thursday, Dec. 3rd- Solar System walk,

Friday, Dec. 4th-Light Pole Measureing at 1:45 and 2:30.  Astro Reading Quiz #1, Geo vs. Helio, Start Solar System Notes, Introduce Retrograde

Monday, Dec. 7th-Finish Solar System Notes, Retrograde, Pass out Astro Vocab/Questions/Reading #2;

Tuesday, Dec. 8th-Fall/Winter Constellations, How far are we away from the moon?Famous Astronomers Notes,

Wednesday, Dec. 9th-Comet, Meteor, Meteorite, Asteroid Comet Picture, TMBG, Picture Contact,

Thursday, Dec. 10th-Share picture within the class and makes guesses,  EM Spectrum Picture, 

Friday, Dec. 11th- Watch Russian Meteorite Videos; Go over Geminids in depth and Comet Catalina; tried to work on light pole, but it was cloudy outside; Assigned Famous Astronomers for presentations, worked on EM Pictures

Monday, Dec. 14th- "Why does the moon go around us?" Why the moon orbits Veratasium , Work on EM Pictures, bookwork.  Work on EM/Hubble Red Shift/Blue Shift assignment

Tuesday, Dec. 15th- Work on EM/Hubble Red Shift/Blue Shift assignment, Why do Astronauts float on ISS? ,  Rick Mercer Gravity Veratasium Earth,  

Wednesday, Dec. 16th- Light pole activity,  Go over EM/Hubble Red Shift/Blue Shift assignment     Pass out guidelines on Astronomer Presentations, use lap tops to research,

Thursday, Dec. 17th- Present Astronomers,Moon Projector activity,  Moon matching, 

Friday, Dec. 18th- Astro Quiz #2, Moon Papers, Conan, VanGoh, Christmas Cards and Moon Phases,  Extra Credit

Monday, Jan. 4th- Work on moon papers,  Introduce Death By Black Hole

Tuesday, Jan. 5th- 15 minutes of Death By Black Hole, Tides, Eclipses, seasons,  Tide Video Seasons full year forum room, Mercury

Wednesday, Jan. 6th- Longest Day, Read and Share from book

Thursday, Jan. 7th-  go over spaceweather and solar flares, sunspots, Read and Share from book

Friday, Jan. 8th-Last Man On The Moon  ,

Monday, Jan. 11th- Snow Day

Tuesday, Jan. 12th- Snow Day

Wednesday, Jan. 13th-Read and Share, ISS Video, Astronomy Vocab and Questions #3

Thursday, Jan. 14th- Space History, Apply to be an Astronaut

Friday, Jan. 15th-Mars Video from notes, Reading

Monday, Jan. 18th- No School

Tuesday, Jan. 19th- Apollo 13

Wednesday, Jan. 20th-Apollo 13,

Thursday, Jan. 21st- Apollo 13

Friday, Jan. 22nd- Earthrise Video, Lucky 13 Real Apollo 13 Story DVD Extra, Goodnight Moon, Going to Bed Book, DBBH Read/Share

Monday, Jan. 25th-Astronomy Reading Quiz #3 over chapter 28

Tuesday, Jan. 26th-Computer Lab Planets Powerpoint 

Wednesday, Jan 27th-Notes Stars, 

Thursday, Jan. 28th- Read and Share

Friday, Jan. 29th-Computer Lab Stars and Planets

Monday, Feb. 1st-Planet Presentations

Tuesday, Feb. 2nd- Computer Lab to work on Star Assignment, Start working on Astronomy Test Review

Wednesday, Feb. 3rd-Sun Veratasium,Finish Planet Presentations, Crash Course High Mass Stars, Reading

Friday, Feb. 5th- Read, Review, Crash Course Milky Way, Where did our water come from?Crash Course Black Holes, Finish Apollo 13 extra.

Monday, Feb. 8th- Computers, Review, Read

Tuesday, Feb. 9th- Review
Wednesday, Feb. 10th-Test over Astronomy
Thursday, Feb. 11th- Read and Share, Rock Cycle
Friday, Feb. 12th-Read and Share, Rock Cycle

Monday, Feb. 15th- Rock and Mineral ID, Read and Share
Tuesday, Feb 16th- Rock and Mineral ID, Read and Share
Wednesday, Feb 17th- Rock and Mineral ID, Read and Share
Thursday, Feb. 18th- Rock and Mineral ID, Read and Share
Friday, Feb. 19th- No School

Monday, Feb. 22nd- Rock and Mineral ID, Geology Review Packet
Tuesday, Feb. 23rd-
Geology Review Packet
Wednesday, Feb. 24th-
Thursday, Feb. 25th-
Friday, Feb. 26th-
Monday, Feb. 29th- Rock Smashing
Tuesday, March 1st- Dante's Peak
Wednesday, March 2nd- Dante's Peak
Thursday, March 3rd-Geology Test
Friday, March 4th- Review
Monday, March 7th-Exams
Tuesday, March 8th-Exams
Wednesday, March 9th- Exams

Hubble Documentary Origins VideoVeratasium Earth Spin VeratasiumGravity and moon to earth Time to Nearest Star,Origins Video,   JupiterDouble Slit Veratasium,comparison Pendulum Lab,Spectroscope,  Inside the Milky Way, read article about Mars and Mars One

Monday, Dec. 1st-Info Note Card, Hand out Books, Why are you taking this class? Prequiz

Tuesday, Dec. 2nd-Solar Walk outside

Wednesday, Dec. 3rd- Hand Out Homework on 27.1 and 27.2.  You Don't need to turn this in, but use it as a guide to make a page of notes (front and back) that you will use to take your quiz over this section, which will be on Wednesday.  Moon Phase Match activity.  Spin the moon with the projector, Moon Phase Pictures

Thursday, Dec. 4th- Finish Moon Phase Pictures,  Moon article, Talk about Orion Launch, watch Earthrise Video, watch Hubble Deep Field video,  Work on Lunar and Solar Eclipse drawings

Friday, Dec. 5th- Go over moon rotation and revolution, Solar Day vs. Sidereal Day, What is a year, leap year, leap second.  Go over major solar eclipses: Aug. 21st, 2017, April 8th, 2024.  Tides Notes and Pictures.  And Seasons Talk

Monday, Dec. 8th- Review tides and phases of the moon, Work on Solar System on the ceiling

Tuesday, Dec. 9th- Work on Book Project, get "homework" for 27.3, 27.4, 27.5- Quiz next Tuesday.

Wednesday, Dec. 10th- Work on Book Project, Take Quiz over 27.1 and 27.2, work on homework for 27.3, 27.4, 27.5.  

Thursday, Dec. 11th- Finish Book Project, work on book questions, Famous Astronomers

Friday, Dec. 12th-Wandering Stars, Ptolemy visual, Geminid Meteor Shower, Solar System on the ceiling,  Comet vs. Asteroid vs. Meteoroid vs. Meteor vs. Meteorite talk, TMBG Shooting Star,    (moon creation)

Monday, Dec. 15th- TMBG Planets and Sun, CAMMM Pictures, Finish Planets on the ceiling, Share books

Tuesday, Dec. 16th- Computer Lab- Famous Astronomers and Planet Data

Wednesday, Dec. 17th- Computer Lab- Famous Astronomers and Planet Data, Sun/Solar Flares, Northern Lights,

Thursday, Dec. 18th- Computer Lab- Famous Astronomers and Planet Data,  pass out permissions for Apollo 13

Friday, Dec. 19th- Quiz over the rest of Ch 27, reading time

Monday, Jan. 5th- Star Vocab and Questions,

Tuesday, Jan. 6th-  Reading Time with Books,

Wednesday, Jan. 7th- Present Famous Astronomers, work on Star Bookwork, Supernovas,

Thursday, Jan. 8th- Computer Lab to work on Planet Presentations,

Friday, Jan. 9th- Snow Day

Monday, Jan. 12th-Planet Presentations, work on bookwork, Black holes

Tuesday, Jan. 13th- Planet Presentations, bookwork, start watching Inside the Milky Way

Thursday, Jan. 15th- Inside the Milky Way

Friday, Jan. 16th-Stars Reading Quiz, Reading Time,  

Monday, Jan. 19th- No School

Tuesday, Jan. 20th-Space History Worksheet,

Wednesday, Jan. 21st-Why go to Space?, Why Study Space? Continue watching 

Thursday, Jan. 22nd- Apollo 13

Friday, Jan. 23rd- Apollo 13

Monday, Jan 26th- Parent/Teacher Conferences 5:30-8:00 Apollo 13, Start Apollo History of Space

Tuesday, Jan. 27th- Finish Apollo History of Space,

Wednesday, Jan. 28th- Parent/Teacher Conferences 5:30-8:00, NDGT Asteroids, Near Earth Object Program WebsiteFinish watching Inside the Milky Way, Contact Intro, read article about Mars and Mars One

Thursday, Jan. 29th-snow day

Friday, Jan. 30th- Finish working on Star Worksheet, Constellation worksheetBook Project

Monday, Feb. 2nd- Snow Day

Tuesday, Feb. 3rd-Start working on Astronomy Test Review, watch the following videos:, , ,

Wednesday, Feb. 4th-Sun to Earth Scale, Astronomy Test Review

Thursday, Feb. 5th-Astronomy Test Review

Friday, Feb. 6th- Astronomy Test

Monday, Feb. 7th- Reading day, 

Tuesday, Feb. 10th- Mineral practice,  Ch 22, 23.6, 24, 25 Questions,

Wednesday, Feb. 11th- Mineral practice, Rock Cycle Picture

Thursday, Feb. 12th- Work on Book Questions

Friday, Feb. 13th- Pep Assembly, Mineral Quiz

Monday, Feb. 16th- Ch. 22 and 23.6 Reading Quiz, 

Tuesday, Feb. 17th- IMS Picture

Wednesday, Feb. 18th-Dante's Peak

Thursday, Feb. 19th- Dante's Peak

Friday, Feb. 20th- No School

Monday, Feb. 23rd-Rock ID    Finish IMS picture,  Earth Core picture

Tuesday, Feb. 24th-Ch. 22 Reading Quiz

Wednesday, Feb. 25th-Dante's Peak

Thursday, Feb. 26th-Geology Test

Friday, Feb. 27th-

Monday, March 2nd- Review

Tuesday, March 3rd-Final Exams

Wednesday, March 4th-Final Exams

Thursday, March 5th-Final Exams

Friday, March 6th-3rd Tri Starts


Geology and Astronomy Class Evalutation

Homework/Projects= 35%

Tests= 30%

Quizzes= 20%

Final Exam= 15%

56 school days, 3 exam days

Monday, Nov. 25th- Parent Slip, Books, Prequiz, Hubbel Deep Field Video

Tuesday, Nov. 26th-  Ison Article, Discussion on the difference between Astronomy and Astrology, make table that show the composition, and penetrating power of alpha, beta, and gamma decay.  Assign reading quiz for Ch. 15 (Tuesday) and Ch. 16 (Thursday).  The following questions should be looked over in preparation for the quizzes.  Chapter 15: Page 376-378: 1, 2, 5, 9-18, 20-38,   Chapter 16:  Page 395 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 16, 26

Monday, Dec. 2nd-  Watch radioactive decay video in class

Tuesday, Dec. 3rd- Take Ch. 15 reading quiz, 

Wednesday, Dec. 4th- Sink Challenge, Duck and Cover, go over 3 type of rocks in class

Thursday, Dec. 5th- Take Ch. 16 reading quiz, Science Reading.

Friday, Dec. 6th- Go over both reading quizzes, take post quiz, take Geology Prequiz, Start Mineral ID, Reading quiz over 532-540 on Monday, and question 1-3, 5-11 due Monday

Monday, Dec. 9th- continue on Mineral ID

Tuesday, Dec. 10th- continue on Mineral ID

Wednesday, Dec. 11th- Finish Mineral ID, take reading quiz over 532-540, 
Read Page 540-550 Reading Quiz over this on Friday and questions from page 565 for guidance: 13-17, 19, 21, 23-30

Thursday, Dec. 12th- Practice Mineral Quiz,     Read pages 550-560 Reading quiz on Tuesday.  Questions for guidance on page 566 31-42, 47, 48, 52       

Friday, Dec. 13th- Work on Rock ID

Monday, Dec. 16th-  Work on Rock ID

Tuesday, Dec. 17th- Take 550-560 Reading Quiz, Take Mineral Quiz, Assign Reading Quizzes over the following.  

Page 560-564 and Ch 23.6 Reading Quiz on Friday.  Questions for guidance:  page 567: 53, 54, 59, 60.  Page594: Questions 37-50 

Ch 24 Reading Quiz on Thursday, 1/9.  Questions for guidance page 621-622: 1-15, 18-37, 39-40 

Ch 25 Questions Reading Quiz on Wednesday 1/15.  Questions for guidance on page 644-645:  2-9, 11-12,14-15,17-22, 24, 27-29, 31-35, 38-40, 48 

Wednesday, Dec. 18th- Make Crystals,

Thursday, Dec. 19th- Work on finishing the Rock ID: only continue to work on this until you have the following done: pictures for every rock, all of the info for 2 igneous, all of the info for 2 metamorphic, all of the info for 2 sedimentary, and the uses for all rocks (if they have one),   Geology Vacation

Friday, Dec. 20th- Snow day    

Monday, Jan. 6th- Snow day

Tuesday, Jan. 7th- Snow Day

Wednesday, Jan. 8th-Rock Practice, Rock Cycle Picture,

Thursday, Jan. 9th-Page 560-564 and 23.6 Reading Quiz,   Rock Practice,

Friday, Jan. 10th-Rock Practice, Geology Vacation- Day 2

Monday, Jan. 13th- Rock Practice, Rock Cycle Picture, Relative Dating, Assign Ch. 24 and 25 Reading quizzes

Tuesday, Jan. 14th-Rock Practice, Standard Deviants, 

Wednesday, Jan. 15th-Ch. 24 Reading Quiz, Rock Practice, Standard Deviants, Volcano Movie

Thursday, Jan. 16th-Fracking Project,  vacation projects

Friday, Jan. 17th- Vacations, start Volcano Movie,

Monday, Jan. 20th- No School

Tuesday, Jan. 21st- Present Vacations

Wednesday, Jan. 22nd-Present Vacations, Ch. 25 Reading Quiz, Rock Test

Thursday, Jan. 23rd-COSDMPP and Time Periods, continue watching volcano video

Friday, Jan. 24th-  Snow Day

Monday, Jan. 27th- P/T Conferences, Snow Day,

Tuesday, Jan. 28th- Snow Day

Wednesday, Jan. 29th- Snow Day

Thursday, Jan. 30th- P/T Conferences, Finish Volcano Video, Start Dante's Peak, Hand out Geology Review

Friday, Jan. 31st-Dante's Peak

Monday, Feb. 3rd- Dante's Peak

Tuesday, Feb. 4th-Review

Wednesday, Feb. 5th- Snow Day

Thursday, Feb. 6th-Crushing Rocks, work on Geology Review

Friday, Feb. 7th-Geology Test,  Didn't get to- limestone lab

Monday, Feb. 10th- Practice ACT, Geology Post Quiz, Astronomy Prequiz

Tuesday, Feb. 11th- Observe Sun Spots, Moon/projecter/phases demo

Wednesday, Feb. 12th- Moon Phase Worksheets

Thursday, Feb. 13th- Moon Phase Worksheets. 

Friday, Feb. 14th- Winterfest Assembly, Make solar system for ceiling, Reading quiz over   on Wednesday,         on Thursday

Monday, Feb. 17th- Moon Phases, Finish Solar system on ceiling

Tuesday, Feb. 18th- Snow Day

Wednesday, Feb. 19th-

Thursday, Feb. 20th-

Friday, Feb. 21st- No School

Monday, Feb. 24th- Apollo 13

Tuesday, Feb. 25th- Apollo 13

Wednesday, Feb. 26th-

Thursday, Feb. 27th- Review

Friday, Feb. 28th- Astronomy Test

Monday, March. 3rd- Review

Tuesday, March 4th- Exams

Wednesday, March 5th- Exams

Thursday, March 6th- Exams

Friday, March 7th- 3rd Tri Begins

Monday, Nov. 26th- Info card, Syllabus,  Geology/Astronomy Prequiz, Geology/Astronomy what do you want to learn, Reading quiz over Ch. 15 on Friday.

Tuesday, Nov. 27th- Chem Basics Worksheet(this is all review and can be found on tests throughout the trimester),  Homework Page 376-378: 1, 2, 5, 9-18, 20-38,  Start taking notes for Ch. 15 Reading quiz (you may use one sheet of paper, front and back on the quiz), ACT Test, Sink Challenge,

Wednesday, Nov. 28th- Introduce website, Ch. 15 Notes on Alpha, Beta, Gamma Decay, Duck and Cover Video, Start Radioactive Decay Video

Thursday, Nov. 29th- Finish Radioactice Decay Video, Alpha, Beta Gamma Decay worksheet,

Friday, Nov. 30th- Science Read, Write, Share, Ch. 15 Questions due, Ch. 15 Reading Quiz,

Monday, Dec. 3rd-Go over the answers to A,B,G Decay Sheet,  Half-Life Worksheet .

Tuesday, Dec. 4th-Start Nuclear TimelineTrinity and Beyond Video(first 23 minutes), Three Mile Island Video(all), Chernobyl Video (all)

Wednesday, Dec. 5th-Finish Videos, Nuclear Timeline

Thursday, Dec. 6th-Finish Videos

Friday, Dec. 7th- Ch. 16 Reading Quiz, 1/2 life activity

Monday, Dec.10th- Nuclear Test Review, 1/2 life activity

Tuesday, Dec. 11th- Nuclear Test, Science Reading

Wednesday, Dec. 12th- Start Geology Unit over Ch 22, 24, 25, Mineral ID. 
Reading quiz over 532-540 on Monday, and question 1-3, 5-11 due Monday

Thursday, Dec. 13th- Work on Mineral ID again

Friday, Dec. 14th- Mineral ID and start salt/sugar crystals

Monday, Dec. 17th- Mineral ID and take reading quiz over 532-540, 
Read Page 540-550 Reading Quiz over this on Friday and questions due on Friday on page 565 Questions 13-17, 19, 21, 23-30

Read pages 550-560 Reading quiz and questions due on Tuesday 1/8 Answer these questions on page 566 31-42, 47, 48, 52

Tuesday, Dec. 18th- Mineral Practice Quiz, Work on book questions and notes, Watch Geology Video 

Wednesday, Dec. 19th- Mineral Quiz, Work on Rock ID

Thursday, Dec. 20th- Continue on Rock ID

Friday, Dec. 21st-  HW questions due and reading quiz, continue watching Geology Movie, go over winter solstice.

Monday, Jan. 7th- Start Limestone rock study, Ch 23.6 Questions 37-50 and quiz over this section on this Friday;  Ch 24 Questions 1-15, 18-37, 39-40 and quiz over this section on next Tuesday; Ch 25 Questions 2-9, 11-12,14-15,17-22, 24, 27-29, 31-35, 38-40, 48 and quiz over this section on next Friday

Tuesday, Jan. 8th- Limestone Lab, Geologic Journey-The Great Lakes

Wednesday, Jan. 9th- Limestone Lab, Fracking research

Thursday, Jan. 10th- Limestone Lab, Fracking research

Friday, Jan. 11th- Limestone Lab, Glacier Reading quiz and turn in Glacier questions, Practice Rocks

Monday, Jan. 14th- Limestone Lab, Practice Rocks and compare to your own rocks.  

Tuesday, Jan. 15th- Time to work on questions, Ch. 24 reading quiz and questions due, Smashing Rocks day

Wednesday, Jan. 16th- Go over Rocks again, and finish Great Lakes Video

Thursday, Jan. 17th-Dante's Peak,

Friday, Jan. 18th-Dante's Peak, Ch. 25 reading quiz and questions due,

Monday, Jan. 21st- Teacher In-Service

Tuesday, Jan. 22nd-Snow Day

Wednesday, Jan. 23rd-Go over Dante's Peak Reading Guide, Start Volcano Video

Thursday, Jan. 24th-Snow Day

Friday, Jan. 25th-Finish Volcano Video, start Earthquake Video

Monday, Jan. 28th- P/T Conferences 5:30-8:00,  Snow Day

Tuesday, Jan. 29th- Geologic Time Scale Assignment, Limestone Lab

Wednesday, Jan. 30th- P/T Conferences 5:30-8:00, Computers working on Geology Vacation and Geology Jobs Assignment, Fracking Paper assignedRock ID assignment

Thursday, Jan. 31st- continue on Geology Vacation and  Geology Jobs Assignment, Fracking PaperRock ID assignment

Monday, Feb. 4th-Practice ACT Tests, relative dating assignment,

Tuesday, Feb. 5th-Go over questions from Ch. 22, 23, 24go over questions from 24, 25, relative dating assignment. Hand out Geology Test Review

Wednesday, Feb. 6th- Computers to work on Vacation, Jobs, Fracking, Rock ID,

Thursday, Feb. 7th- Rock Test, Review

Friday, Feb. 8th- Snow Day

Monday, Feb. 11th-Geology Test (Ch. 22, 23.6, 24, 25)

Tuesday, Feb. 12th- Go over test.  Start Geology Vacation Presentations

Wednesday, Feb. 13th- Geology Vacation Presentations, Ch. 27 Homework, 1-7, 10-16, 18, 20-25, 27, 29-33, 41-45, 48, 49 due Thursday, Feb. 21st.

Thursday, Feb. 14th-Geology Vacation Presentations, Homework Review Questions on page 719-720;  1-9, 14-16, 21, 22, 24-26, 29, 33, 35, 36, 40 (22 total) Due Friday

Friday, Feb. 15th-Fish Geology Vacation Presentations, moon phase activity, Scale of Size

Monday, Feb. 18th-Continue on moon phase activity, talk about Russian Meteorite

Tuesday, Feb. 19th- Snow Day

Thursday, Feb. 21st- Ch. 27 Questions Due,, Ch. 28,  VanGogh's Starry Night, Christmas Card Moon Article

Friday, Feb. 22nd- Mid-Winter Break

Monday, Feb. 25th- Solar System Walk

Tuesday, Feb. 26th-Apollo 13, Saturn RocketSpace History Sheet,  Our solar system,   Supernova vs. Black Hole, Space History

Wednesday, Feb. 27th-Ch. 28 Questions Due, Hand out Astronomy Review

Thursday, Feb. 28th-Hand out final exam review, take solar system walk, and sun spots with the telescopes

Friday, March 1st-Astronomy Test

Monday, March 4th-Review, Geology and Astronomy Final Review

Tuesday, March 5th- Exams

Wednesday, March 6th- Exams

Thursday, March 7th- Exams