Howard Trickey

Westfield, NJ

Welcome to my personal home page. I’m a Software Engineering Manager, working at Google. During all of my tenure at Google I've worked on Google Maps, specifically, Local Search and the quality of the data we show about businesses.

Before Google, I worked at Bell Labs for 20 years.

Though born in Toronto, Canada, I now live in Westfield, New Jersey.

If you search for me on the web, many of the result pages are because my research, especially my part in Plan 9 Operating System; many are because of my work in helping to get the TeX typesetting system working on Unix, and related work; some are because of my hobby interest in 3D graphics, which has lately focused on helping Blender; and a few are because of my volunteer work for the local Optimist Club, a service club benefiting youth.

Contact information: howard.trickey @ gmail.com

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