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Here are some tips and resources to improve your chances of success in math.

HCC's  Learning Assistance Center (LAC) - Get a tutor or get help on a walk-in basis. 

The Math Lab in the Hickory Ridge Building - computers and walk-in tutoring help are available.

Form a Study Group - Some people learn better when they study in a group. If you don't know anyone who wants to join a group, you might ask your teacher to help organize one.

Ask Your Teacher for Help - If you're confused about something, ask your teacher when you can meet with him or her to get some help.

Get Extra Practice
    - You can work on more than just the assigned homework problems. Most math
      books have answers to some on the problems in the back.
    - If you have access to the Hawkes Learning System, you can work in practce
Or you can work through the Khan Academy practice problems

Three No-Brainers
    - Go to class (and get there on time)
    - Read the textbook (You paid enough money for it. You might as well read it.)
    - Do your homework (and hand it in on time)